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Wetsounds take a beating?


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Hello from Tucson all! Getting ready for the season and looking at replacing the Kicker amps and Titan tower speakers with all Wetsounds gear. 4 Rev10's a SYN6 a SYN1 and 2 SYN2's we have two batteries and a third as a backup plan... Has anyone had any problems with them overheating? Before we drop some serious coin I don't want the pissed off look from the young lady if it starts overheating and cutting out like the Kickers did...Want this thing to rock all day in 115' heat and laugh! Thanks in advance for any info.

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To answer your question - yes WetSounds can take a beating.

I would run a pair of Syn 4's to each of the rev 10's. That is what the major majority of folks are doing. I'm doing it here in TX and we had 65 days of over 100 degree heat last year and never once did the go into protection. That system will be "king of the lake!!"

Syn 4's and rev 10's - winning combo

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The syn's are a great amp. The class g/h can take a beating and stay cool.

Also might look at the arc ks which are the same without the waterproof coating.

You might look at the arc ks600.2 which would produce 300w to each pod instead of 400 with a pair of syn 4's but is also only one amp instead of two which helps your wiring and in boats space is a premium also.

You'll be very pleased with either. If the kickers were class a/b they do produce quite a bit of heat.

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Thank you for the replies...Haven't looked into audio stuff since the Punch 150 was the shiz or I probably wouldn't have just replaced all the 6.5's with Kicker 6500.2's....Hope the bigger amp will push them better then the stock Kicker 2x700.5....I was told to get two syn2 for the Rev10's but after reading this sounds the syn4's are they way to go and only $50 more...Replacing the square Kicker 12 with two JBL's 12's....Hope this setup rocks! Thanks again....

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I am just running the stock one which I'll prob replace / rebuild this summer.

I rely on the chargers to restore what I use.

I know grant off wakeworld has a amazing charging system using a Baltor? alternator.

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