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Cheap Sealed Box Project w/ pictures


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There is more than one way to skin a cat!

I live a ways away from the nearest lumber yard, HD or Lowes. So I decided to buy a pre-made cheapy sub box of ebay. By the time I factored in driving to get the material (gas money) and actually buying the MDF it was WAY cheaper just to buy online. Easier too! I bought the box for $30 shipped. Here is a way to make your cheap pre-made box more boat friendly while strengthening it as well. This box is 1 cu ft sealed and will fit behind the kick panel in the stock location - only tipped up some.

First thing I did was stripped the carpet. This way fairly easy to do with a little muscle and a pair of pliers to get it started. Don't worry about what is left behind underneath as this will be getting covered. After it was stripped I routed the side edges with a 1/2" round over bit. You could just sand the edges smooth if you like. Keep in mind, I did this for function and not looks. I don't care what it looks like because it will be concealed.


Next thing I did was covered the whole thing in fiberglass resin. I just used my gloved hand to smear it around and into the nooks. I ended up using about 12 oz total.



After it setup I lightly sanded down the rough spots and checked it over to ensure good coverage. You could apply a second coat now if you wanted. I chose to fill any questionable areas with a marine grade epoxy although I think it was pretty well sealed already.


Next I cut some old 1"x2" to add some extra supports. I glued them in with polyurethane adhesive and tacked them into place with a finish brad. You could probably just use the glue only for this. I also applied a thin layer of silicone to all the inside seams. After this dried I came back over top of it and smeared on some of this same poly adhesive.






I then applied a heavy coat of spray on bed liner. This should provide an extra layer of protection.



I will post more pics once I get the sub and mount it up. I plan to use a gasket of sorts and silicone. I will also elevate it off the ground with cellular PVC feet. More pics to follow.

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That looks sweet so far.

I just wanted to get into this thread since my sub build was, er, uh...not worthy of posting a thread about. But love seeing someone else do it well.

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Almost done with the sub install. Planning to temp hook it up for a sound test today. Waiting on my wire order so that I can rewire all the amps. I am happy with how it turned out for what I have in it. True test will be when I hear it. here are a few pics-



I had to trim the kick panel and trim the lip on the right angle panel to allow the kick panel to be more vertical.


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You sure you have a job? Seems you have plenty of time for mods. Congrats.

Kind of bitter sweet for me right now. Work is slow but it gives me time to get ready for the summer!

When I do need to work, I can do it from my garage...... that helps too :)

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Might want to try side firing or aiming at the driver instead of straight up. I've not tried straight up, but it sure seems like you'd be sending your bass waves right into the dash. Like a big catcher's mit.

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Your going to like that IDQ. Your dash not so much. Like Shawn said fire it into the hull. Your ears will think it has more out put.Also be ready to track down vibrations. Foam will be your friend.

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Might want to try side firing or aiming at the driver instead of straight up. I've not tried straight up, but it sure seems like you'd be sending your bass waves right into the dash. Like a big catcher's mit.

Agreed, I am going with side firing myself.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I had some time to play with it while on the lake yesterday. I played various songs with the sub faced up and sideways. In the end I feel like I did get a little more output with it firing at the side of the boat so that is how I'll be running it. The dash had about the same amount of vibes but wasn't making any noises either way....yet! I really like this sub and I hear it gets better once broken in a little. Just like everyone says - this is a very musical sub that doesn't have a problem playing ANY kind of music. I am very happy with the output - it will shake the driver and observer in the chest with some songs :)

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My 15" Exile is firing straight up, but my stereo guy did a little custom work to make it sound really good. He took the little plastic cubby in the walk through out and placed some black fabric over the hole. most of the sound comes out that opening and you can see the fabric moving when the bass hits.

Congrats on the cheap, good sounding box. Enjoy.

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