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Surfing Ballast Setup HELP for 07 23LSV


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Hello Everybody!

I just bought a 07 23LSV.  I can't wait to try it!  Summer will be here in Canada soon!

I was previously riding behind a 05 Centurion Enzo SV230 and I'm doing wakeboard and wakesurf.

I still not tried the wave, but I'm looking to add some ballast weight to be able to surf with a powerfull wave even if we are only 3-4 persons in the boat.

If I'm right the MLS in my boat include 350lbs at the front, 500lbs in the middle and 2x200lbs at the rear.

So, my first thought would be to add a Jumbo V drive Fat Sac in each of the rear locker (advertised at 1100lbs each).  I'm looking for one in each corner because my GF is goofy...  

I'm just wondering if the locker is big enough to fill this huge bag at about 1000lbs?  

I'm also wondering if the bottom of the locker is tought enough for all this weight or I should do something to reinforce?

Should I connect this bag to the factory system or I should use an external pump (like Tsunamy Fly High pump)?  I would like to have a setup not too long to fill and drain.

Should I plan adding ballast elsewhere, or that should be enough for a nice and powerfull wave?

Any recommendation, advice, etc. would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thanks a lot!

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We run 750 in the goofy side with power wedge almost up ( we call it number 9 ) . Makes great goofy wake !! 23 foot LSV 2007 model . You can find lots of pics , if you do a search on me .

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agreed... weight is good and you will need mroe than factory but play around with the wedge and you will be surprised how much it helps. I was just getting it figured out last summer but I was putting it all the way down then bring it up slowly and you will see the wake just get better as you get closer to the top.

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Is there a firmware update or something that lets you adjust the wedge by clicks? When I took mine out it was either all the way up or all the way down. It wont let me set it to certain positions. And yes I have the power wedge.

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Is there a firmware update or something that lets you adjust the wedge by clicks? When I took mine out it was either all the way up or all the way down. It wont let me set it to certain positions. And yes I have the power wedge.

have you calibrated your wedge.. if so I has the same problem.. i had a dead band in the potentiometer.. i rotated the sender out of the dead band and re calibrated.. problem solved.

For the OP.. I find on my 08 running near max wedge helps get height of the wake but shortens the pocket... there is some operating room for personal preference. If you run the 1100 lbs bags you will need to reinforce the panels beside the engine.. search on the site lots of threads. Some nose weight will helps and piggybacking on the existing system will be easy but takes forever to fill.

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I have an 07 LSV and here is what we ran last summer for regular side, goofy will need less. 750 bag in the rear compartment, 370 bag under the seats on observers side, factory front/middle/observers rear full with wedge just a few clicks up from fully down. made a pretty good wave for me (220lbs on a surf/thick style board). this summer I am gonna run a 1100 bag with the divider reinforcement. my pocket was plenty long, just need a bit taller wave. I have the 370 bag piggybacked and the 1100 will get it's own pump. the regular side will need the extra 370 bag, but with the prop rotation, the goofy side should be pretty good with the 1100 and everyone sitting on that side. just make sure to always fill the front and middle and the rear side you are surfing on.

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Thanks a lot for all the answer!


I did not plan adding a ballast under the seat, but you created a doubt in my head! :) How did you plug the ballast under the seat? Is the seat still fil well when the balast is full? Is it long to fill and empty if you are using the rear ballast pump?

If I want to use a dedicated pump to fill the rear 1100lbs ballast, where can I get my water supply to fill, without drilling in the hull?

Should we only reinforce the side divider or also the ground?

Thanks a lot!

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I just added the 370lb Fly-hi tube shaped bag at the end of last season and it fits completely under the seat. Doesn't lift it up a all. I have that one on a y valve, piggybacked into the stock pump. My 750 bag was originally piggybacked into the stock pump, but when I added the 370, I used the external Tsunami pump that u throw overboard. I was doing it that way just to see I the 370 helped. Gonna use a Tsunami drain pump on the 1100 and probably a stock sized one on the 370. I am gonna use the stock pump from drivers side since I rarely use that pump to fill my 1100 and use a y to fill the hard tank if needed.

You only need to reinforce the divider wall so the bag won't squish into the motor. No one I know of has reinforced the hard tank.

Hope that makes sense.

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That helps for sure! Thanks!

At the moment, I'm hesitating between tree options for my 2X1100lbs rear ballasts:

1- Piggyback from the rear hard tank pump + Aerator pump to drain.

Advantages: Easy installation, simple use. Disadvantages: Slow fill and drain, heard about some issue to completely drain the bag using aerator pump and aerator pump priming issue

2- 2 x Dedicated impeller pump to fill/drain each 1100

Advantages: Quicker fill/drain, Drain the bag completely, less hoses. Disadvantage: Expensive, Have to drill 2 holes in the hull (I realy don't like the idea).

3- 1 x impeller pump to fill/drain both 1100 bag

Advantages: Not expensive, As quick as option #2 if filling/draining/transfer surf side if only one bag for surfing (95% of my use). Disadvantage: complexe hose rooting and 3x "Y" selector valves or 5 standard valves.

If someone have any advice, please let me know.

I would also like if there are options to not drill a hole thru the hull if I want to install dedicated pump.

Aerator vs impeller pump? Any recommendation?

Thanks agaiN!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hello All!

I just tried my boat this week-end for the first time! Overall, awsome time, but still some question about the surf setup!

On the Port side:

I was using a 1100 ballast in the rear locker (not completely full so maybe 900lb), all the stock ballast full but the starboard empty and the power wedge in down position. I was riding at about 10,6mph. I also had 5 friends on the port side (about 750lbs).

It was the best setup I found, but still not amazed by the results since it's a lot of weight and I was hoping for a huge wake and a long pocket. I tried to had some wedge, but as soon as I add some, the wake top seems to wash. Higher speed was giving smaller wake.

Just to be clear, the wake was very decent with the best setup described, but not at the level I wanted to see it.

Any suggestions to try?

Could too much weight cause the swim plateform to "deform" the wake?

Thanks again to the crew!1

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  • 11 months later...

Does anyone know what bag would best fit under the seats rear seats in a 08 LSV (Goofy Side)? Looks to me that the 370lb Fly-hi tube shaped bag would be the best fit? Thx

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