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WHAT A SCREW UP...now need advice

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had a real brain lapse yesterday.....long story short my gas tank has to come out and be replaced.

2000 23lsv

55 gallon tank

Anyone have any insight on getting it out? Can you take the mid section of the floor out?

Anyone know how much the tank may be? thanks

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a drill......25 gallons of gas, fire department...and lots of learning and experience. Thanks the Lord no one was hurt

So sorry to hear! Thats a bummer! Hopefully still plenty of time to get it fixed before boating season is in full swing. Good luck!!!

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i called the fire department...got really blessed that no one was hurt. Any suggestions on how to get he floor out????

at least the guys in our warehouse got free gas!!!

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I had a loose fin on my 2001 VLX, which really freaked me out. It is under the gas tank of course. Taking the tank out took a little while, there are plenty of SS screws to remove. Begin by disconnecting the battery and then siphon the tank. I topped off my car, my truck and a neighbor's car before mine was empty. The neighbor was excited :biggrin:. It's been 4 years, so I don't remember the specifics of where all the fasteners were hidden, but take your time, you'll find them all. The tank came out easily. Good luck.

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Ouch. I drilled into a fuel line once on my Formula Firebird installing a roll cage. It was a crazy hot bit, but luckily the fuel didn't catch. Could have been a lot worse.

I've never pulled the tank, but just from what I've seen, you will need to pull the seat base for sure (goes right over the tank), and a ton of screws, plus disconnect the fuel lines. I can't imagine it being too large of a project.

May I ask what you were drilling that would cause you to drill into the fuel tank?

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i was installing my own rear ballast system......working on the thru hull. I was in a hurry, marked my spot from inside the boat in relation to the intake already there.....got in a rush and i guess i got turned around and drilled in front of it instead of behind it when i was under the boat....have i told you what an idiot i am?! ANYONE INTERESTED.....i have a full rear ballast system setup about to go in the classifieds. im just going to use the old pump over the side....just to gun shy now and simply dont have the time to fool with this one!

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Wow, bummer. Hope it's an easy fix.

Seems like all you have to do is pull the floor up in the middle, rear of the boat. Your LSV is a v-drive, right? There should be a big panel in the middle of the play pen area. Screws are all the way around the perimeter. Tank is either right under it, or forward a bit, in which case it has to slide back & come out that hole.

Good luck.

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i dont think it will be a big deal. going to do it right ( and professionaly...ha) and be done with it. Just going to buy some more bags and overboard pumps and be done with it.

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