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Infinite Baffle Speaker ?


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OK, I think I hosed myself because I bought speakers (infinite baffle, standard) before taking out my previous ones.

1) In the back of my 2007 23ft LSV, the rear speaker enclosure on back of rear seat is a "very small sealed enclosure". So it seems to me these speakers need to be "tower speakers" and not the standard speaker defined as infinite baffle.

i.e. from JL Audio "CCX models have woofers specifically designed for infinite-baffle applications. In plain english, this means that they are designed to operate without an enclosure behind them. The bass response of the speaker will suffer significantly if placed in a small enclosure."

TCX models are specifically engineered for enclosed operation. This makes them ideal for wakeboard tower systems or other small enclosure applications.

BUT JL does not have 6.5 inch tower speakers and even the 6.5 inch infinite baffle does not really fit unless you bend the speaker connectors. Looks like I need to put back the inexpensive speaker or try to find a really good one that fits. But since the depth is so small, I doubt I will find a good one.

What is everyone using back there for really good speakers? I am kind of ticked that Malibu made this enclosure so small.

2) So for the under the windshield speakers, does anyone know if this space is also a very small enclosure that needs a "tower speaker" or is it an open enclosure that you can use infinite baffle? I would hate to take off windshield and not have the correct speaker.

3) Has anyone installed speakers in the bow? Was it easy, any advice? I only quickly felt behind there, there's definitely an open hole but I felt some wood right behind the hole. Do you just cut out the leather or do you need to re-staple/glue leather after cutting hole in leather?

Thanks !!!

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Also, how do you know when an enclosure is getting too small such that you should not use infinite baffle?

If a tower speaker should not be infinite baffle, then what type of speaker is it called?

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Any speaker "can" be used IB. Basically you need between 3-10x the VAS of the speaker for it to be that way. Running IB will cut the power rating in half and make the driver easier to damage but will usually sound like its in a well designed enclosure. It is critical though that the backwave coming off the speaker doesn't mix with the front wave.

So what happens when you put an IB speaker in an enclosure? It rolls off the bottom end. You will lose bass response. The smaller the enclosure the more pronounced this is.

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Loading an Infinite Baffle speaker into a small enclosure will raise the resonance, roll off the bass response higher and oftentimes will put a little bump/peak in the midbass/lower midrange. Examine why factory used the enclosures. Was it for protection from heat created in the engine compartment or for front to rear acoustic isolation or for protection from stored items. If you can perf the enclosure with the collective openings approaching the speaker's effective surface area then you may be able restore it to Infinite Baffle...but only if this doesn't conflict with the original intention. If not, then the impact will not be as bad as what it would be with a woofer, for instance, that plays much lower.

There is no restriction in the dash.

With bow speakers, when the stucture behind the vinyl and padding is already cut, it is a simple operation. The main concern is that you terminate the cut vinyl in a manner that it is held down by more than just the three or four speaker mounting screws so that the vinyl cannot stretch and wrinkle around the perimeter of the speaker over time. Some will staple down the vinyl before installing the bow speakers.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Just spent an hour or so to take off the windshields and removed the cheap speakers. And of course my 6 .5 inch JL M650-CCX-CG-WH do not fit. Sticks up about .5 to 1 inch too much. I was thinking I could have a custom circular plastic piece to fit the gap, or add wood under the vinyl but figured it may look weird sticking up a little or it may rip it over long tern. So I am choosing the easy way, cut the fiberglass underneath. (At first I was hesitant cause in my last boat it was insane to cut the fiberglass, it was much thicker though. Dremel was the worst and then went with a jigsaw and it was still tough. Went thru a bunch of fiberglass blades and took forever.) Before I went off to buy blades I figured I would try my whole saw on this boat and it was easy, only had 1/2 to go thru and took 60 seconds. Psyched !!! Cant wait to finish up the job. I am glad I got the 6.5 and no the 7.7 because the structure of the dash is kind of weak and it would probably rattle too much with more bass.

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