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98 Response spark plugs

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Just got new plugs wires and rotor. The last two are seay to replace as we all know. The plugs are giving me some trouble. Every one i have tried to pull out snap when i out the socket on them. I even pulled out the rubber holder seeing how i dont need it and they still snap. only though it to get a 5/8 deep well. Anybody got suggestions. Also the motor manunal says to use 15/40 oil. sounds a bit heavy to me for a 350. wondering if its just me being use to cars or i was wrong.

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It sounds like the spark plugs were over tighten. Try steading the rachet with two hands one on the rachet head or socket. The other on the handle. I like to put copper anti seize on the threads to the spark plugs, so they break free easier.

For the oil, that is what I run. You have to remember a boat engine runs at a high load all the time because of the constant water flow under the boat's hull. Where a car heavy engine load is only when accelerating, towing and hill climb. When cruzing the engine stress load relaxes.

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Its not that they are over tight or anything its where the headers are. there is almost enough room to get the socket on the plug once its on taking it off is easy. but i dont want to put in new ones and break them and i really dont want to remove the header either.

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You may have to make a custom socket and or shave down a box end wrench. I took a 5/8" socket and drilled out the 3/8" square for the spark plug to fit through. Then welded it to some flat stock, for a handle.

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A thinwall spark plug socket helps a lot. Either find one at an auto parts store or simply grind the OD of your existing one down. One thing you could try is to crack loose the plugs with a box end wrench, then use the socket from there.

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You really don't need a thinwall socket for a 98 Monsoon, a 6" extension helps though. I usually just use a deep socket anyway, never given me any problems.

As long as the old ones come out who cares if they break? Just don't over torque the new ones.


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