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Missing table and wind blocker mounts in rear storage


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I just got an '05 VLX and realized I'm missing the mounts for storing my table and wind blocker in the rear storage compartments. My dealer had mounts but they said they were not the correct ones (the attcahed to the inner horizontal walls of the storage compartments not the floor)?

Does anyone have pictures of their table and wind blocker stored in their mounts? I'd like to replace them like they come originally.



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For some reason they were stumped and not sure what brackets are supposed to be used. Doesn't sound right if you ask me.

Sounds like it's time for a new dealer. Good grief.

I hate it when I go to any kind of dealership and I know more about their product than they do. If that were how I was making a living, I would make sure I knew everything about my product.

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There is a rubber cord that is attached to the side wall with a hook on the other end that secures the table and wind screen. We had trouble with the hooks coming off the cord and the cord coming off the mount of our '05 VLX last year. I don't have any pictures and the boat's at the lake. The dealer should be able to help you with it though.

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Sheeesh...doesn't the dealer have any other boats in stock or customer boats on the lot to look at. Unfortunately mine is in storage. FWIW if you are going to run extra fat sacs in the compartments you'll probably want to remove the brackets anyway as there is a chance that they will puncture your sacks.

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Don't know if the RLXi is here yet...will see on Sunday as we are towing boats to Calgary for the boat show next week. I decided to get back to my roots of 25 years ago and go back to the slalom stick ROFL.gif

Just kidding. I miss the nimbleness of the smaller boats and decided the Response would work great for what we do considering our buddies at the lake also have a vRide and a VLX for boarding and surfing. For the times we are out by ourselves we'll probably just use the skate behind the Response. We'll see how it all pans out - can always go back to a VLX next year.

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i have 6 of them...we remove those things for our lpg tanks etc.

if you can,t get them from your dealer i could send you these items.

i guess you will only need 2 right?

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Hey BenBu,

That would be so cool if you could part with a couple of mounts. I think I need two, (I'm not really sure how they work or attach) 1 for the table on one side, and 1 for the wind screen on the other. Let me know how much and how much for shipping. I would greatly appreciate your help. It's been 3 weeks and my dealer obviously is not being to much help.

Thanks again


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