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Anti freeze disappearing HELP ..

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Have a 340 monsoon with closed cooling system,the antifreeze seems to disappear from the see through

overflow tank . it ends up in the hull..

i cant find any leaks in clear tank,

i will fill it up after shut off and the next day the clear tank is empty..

the steel tank is fine always full..

where is my anti freeze going??

when boat runs the see through tank is ok has antifreeze in it ..might run low but is useally ok


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... it ends up in the hull...where is my anti freeze going??

Are you saying that it ends up in the bilge? If so, look for the leak. It could be anywhere along the cooling system. If it's not ending up in your bilge then my guess would be head gasket is leaking it into one or more cylinders.

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yes its ending up in the bilge. cant seem to find the leak anywhere.

D-Goose is spot on with the suggestion to pressure test. That would make finding the leak a whole lot easier and a whole lot safer versus while the engine is hot and/or running. Good luck and be safe. :)

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Check out this thread, the kit I mentioned in here will resolve the issue as your system has an air bubble in the manifolds that is virtually impossible to get out and causes the coolant to blow out when it heats up.


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this sounds different then my problem,

my overflow tanks never overflows .

it can be perfect at times ,

most of the time the antifreeze disappears when boat is sitting and eve if over flow if empty

the heat exchanger( i think thats what its called that is filled with atifreeze and has lsomething ike a car radiator cap on it ) is never low,its

always perfect even with the overflow empty .

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Clean and dry your bilge. Then line your bilge with paper towels under the whole engine. Fill the overflow and then check the paper towels every hour or so until you see antifreeze drips on the paper towels then you will know the general area of where the leak is.

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You may find that the anti-freeze is coming out around the pressure cap on the heat exchanger so check for signs of it over the belts/pulleys on the engine (have repaired a damaged neck on the heat exchanger before).

Also with the other thread I have seen these burp the antifreeze back up through the reservoir bottle and out its overflow and by the time you get around to checking it the reservoir bottle is empty. I have refilled the reservoir bottle and tied a soft drink bottle onto a piece of string and put the overflow tube into its neck to trap the coolant to prove this theory so that maybe worth a try as well. You haven't mentioned if the temp gauge on the dash is telling you if the engine is getting hot or not so have you been watching that?

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The temperature guage is always 160 , but i always check to see if antifreeze is low.

the heat exchange is always full ,even when overflow goes empty the heat exchange is always full.

have checked under overflow to see if its dripping but carpet always dry .

i wil put a plastic bottle and put the overflow tube into it like you said to test that .

will also tie a white piece of cloth around the kneck of heat exchanger cap to see if it gets covered in antifreeze..


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