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Excessive steering play - Response Lx

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There appears to be an excessive amount of play in the steering of my 03 Response Lx. I can move the stering wheel 2.5 - 3cm, measured at the outer rim of the steering wheel, without the shaft at the rear of the helm, which engages with the rack on the steering cable, moving at all. This leads me to believe there could be a universal joint or such like in the tilt mechanism that has worn.

Does anyone know if there is a joint in the tilt mechanism, and if so is it a replacable part?

I have had a look at Bake's catalogue and they seem to only supply complete tilt helm units.

Is there a diagram available anywhere of the tilt helm?

Apart from this couldn't be happier with the boat. I imported it into Australia from California nearly 2 years ago and have had a great time with it. It's sooth, powerful (340 Monsoon) and 100% reliable, a great boat. Compared to what is available in Australia for the same price the standard of finish and accessory list is amazing.

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I don't think 2.5 cm (an inch) is any slop to worry about. If under power do you have the same slack? If so, load the rudder more with the tab if you have one, if not, I wouldn't worry about unless you're in a course a lot in which case you may want to look at (search for) info on grinding the rudder which I have never had the need to do but many nautique owners do.

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i agree that i don't fret too much about 1" of play at the wheel as long as it's loaded up good while at speed.

by that i mean that if you let go of the wheel while you are at speed the boat will drift big time.

that loading will help you keep it between the guide balls while in the course.

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Thanks for the input, it's not really a worry at speed and goes through the course fine, the only time it is really noticable is at low speed when you're trying to line the boat up straight to take off with a skier. I wanted to fix it as It's the only thing on the boat that's not perfect!!

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One thing to consider is whether or not you feel a delay. My steering seemed sluggish and it started to get worse, so I checked it out and found the brass square pin (don't know the name) that fits in the collar was missing. Once I replaced this and tightened it down properly, the movement in the steering was very minimal.

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