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Adding ballast to '02 VLX - Please help


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I need help please with finding the right fat sacks or right sizes for rear compartments...specifically to surf... (boat has MLS with hard tanks in rear) I ride goofy and have friends that ride regular... I obviously want to pump up my side of the boat. I'd also like to help my friends on the regular side of the wake without having to add to add to much cost but also increasing the surfing experience to my friends riding regular.... if possible? What are my options with different riding direcections?

Do you have any recommended additions/paticular sizes to this make/model and year of the boat to increase the overall riding experience of #1 - me (riding goofy) and 2# my friends (riding regular)? Is there "recommended" additional/non-stock weight for this type of boat or other wakeboarding specific boats for surfing?

please help! Getting excited for another summer but I need a bigger wake..thanks!!!!

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I have a 06 V-Ride it is the same hull. I have the 1100lb in both sides. Some people will say 750lb are fine I say for the few more $ bigger is better and you will never say I need more. Do you have a wedge or any weight up front. You will need some and don't forget about the prop. The cheapest way is to buy sacks and 1 plugin pump I would say buy 2 plugin and say a lot of time. You will need at least a 400lb up front. http://www.bakesonline.com/searchresult.aspx?CategoryID=973

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I have 1 stock tank under the floor currently and I think its around 500lbs. The boat has no wedge. So you recommend 750lbs additional on top of the corner tanks plus an additional 400lbs up front in addition to the existing 500? I think the corner MLS tanks are 250 each. For what its worth I'm about 175lbs on a skim surfer.

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Btw, I have a 03 and run pretty much stock with a few bags we move around. Best wake we ever had was full stock ballast plus two side saks on the floor in the back with about 300 up front and 700 lbs of people. We have played with the surf wake some but are pretty new to it.

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you don't NEED to pull the stock tanks, but you can fit more weight if you do. If you want to automate the filling of the bags, pulling the tanks and hooking bags into the stock system is a good solution. If you are going to hand fill anyway, you can do just fine with 750s inbetween the divider wall and the tanks. The 750s won't come close to filling, but they'll fill that gap in pretty well. You may need to reinforce your divider wall so it doesn't blow out (whether you keep the stock ballast or replace with sacks).

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