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What's A Good Surfboard For Spins/riding Switch


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I currently have a xxx slasher, a beater board, and several longer surfboards. I am looking for a board for spins and switch riding, shuv its, etc. Not sure of what size fins I should get, and whether a front fin is useful. I have lots of experience ocean surfing, and 1 season wakesurfing.

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You definitely want a skim style board for shuvs.

I am a huge fan of the Phase 5 Danielo Diamond and the Victoria Factor and Victoria Agent. The boards are super fast so you can get plenty of speed for airs and are able to recover much better than other skims. Also they ride backwards great. A lot of boards are soooo slow riding backwards. With these boards you can actually accelerate while riding backwards.

The Danielo Diamond is carbon so it is light and super stiff and snappy which helps for airs. The Factor and Agent are offered in standard E-Glass for $380 or Carbon for $475 which makes them a really good deal. You wont have issues doing shuvs on either of these boards.

Ive been trying a lot of new boards lately and its been a lot of fun. You start noticing the subtle stuff

I wouldnt get a front fin. It is unnecessary and will hang up on spins. A standard 1" fin in the tail that comes with the boards is plenty. A little grip, plus enough drive for airs.

I used to have a video of me on the Diamond but I cant find it :/

This video is of me on a Calibrated. It is kind of close to a Victoria. It is not carbon fiber though. Just standard E-Glass

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I learned on Inland Surfer skim style boards, but they dont ride backwards well. And they are much slower when compared to other brands' skims. And at $600 you can get a pro model Phase 5.

The upside to the Inland Surfer skims are that they give you the option of riding it with three fins (sold separately). This makes it the best beginner board available. And after a set or two, the rider is ready for single fin action. Inland makes great boards, but they are more along the lines of beginner to intermediate boards.

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I got the new Byerly volt and it's a spinning fool! Super fast board that rides as well backwards as it does forward. Even has a kickpad on each end.

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On 3/8/2012 at 0:34 PM, calvinclark said:

I got the new Byerly volt and it's a spinning fool! Super fast board that rides as well backwards as it does forward. Even has a kickpad on each end.

What fin set up are you running?  I use the two longer ones on the far side out.  It is very stable but hard to get it to break free.  Have not a single fin configuration.  Bought an inland surfer & haven't rode the volt much but if I can get it to spin I will!

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5 hours ago, lerch said:

@wakemitch have you ridden the danielo hammerhead?  How does it compare with the diamond?

It's faster going straight and cruising, but it is slower rail to rail because it's wider 

both are great boards and can do any trick

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