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Direct Drive?

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I am looking for some info from people that have had some experience surfing and wakeboarding Direct Drives. For this year I am staying old school and putting some money into my cabin rather than getting a new VTX/VLX again this year. So,,, I bought a really supper clean 89 Ski Supreme. My first inboard was a brand new one back in 1987 and I loved that boat. However, i only used to slalom and now enjoy wakeboarding, wakeskating and especially wakesurfing. So. Any "general" help (weight, poles, speeds etc.) would be appriciated. I am pretty sure I am going with a pole rather than a tower as most tower options look like crap on a skinny boat like a supreme. I still have a 750lb. sack from my vtx and course all the equipment!!



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I have an 04 WakeSetter DD. I have the wedge (1000# to 1200#) 500# factory bag in the locker and I added a 300# bag under the back seat. We usually have a very full boat so I have lots of "dynamic" bags as well. The wake is really good with that load and with all the dynamic ballast real easy to adjust. With a lighter load <8 we will still have a good wake with all bags full.

You will need about three teens, or about 350# in the bow, counter that with some younger teens and adults on the rear bench (four total or about 400-500#) the driver and obsrever finish out the dynamic load. I am not sure what you will have to do to counter not having a wedge I would suggest a 400# foot rest infront of the bench or 2 saddle bags next to the motor box. The saddle bags could also help with surfing as they can be moved to the foot rest position as well as the side load position.

As for the tower I have seen some good looking older boats with towers but it is a personal preferance I will say that the board racks make a hudge differance with a lot of people on the boat.

Good luck and have fun.

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We wakeboard and surf behind our 96 SSLX direct drive with no trouble at all. However, it's a much bigger boat than what you're talking about. In our case, we put down the wedge, 350# ski locker sack and 2x450# sacks in the back for a limited number of passengers. On my dad's RLX, that's too much weight in one corner, and he begins to take water over the rear corner for surfing. You'd have to play around with it. You'd be wise to send a message to Martin Archer - he's done some amazing stuff with his old school Malibu.

On a side note, I used to run a Ten Foot Pole pylon, but put a Titan III tower on my boat last year. I'll be selling the pole this spring if you're interested in it.

Have fun!


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