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Wet Sounds Questions

Night Rider

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I'm in the process of setting up a tower system on a LSV. several questions relitive to the WS Rev 10's going on the tower. 1 what should be used to power 2pairs. 2, can they be mounted upside down on top of the tower? 3 what is the difference between the Rev series and the 485's? is there a way to wire a mic to the tower with out a 420? Thanks in advance.

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I can answer a bit, and make a recommendation as well. The REV series has a less harsh sound when at high volumes. I had the PRO60s, and when you stood up in the boat, it would hurt your head....but with the REV series, you do not get that high end horn harshness. I had the REV8s put in...not the 10s, because I did not want to hit my head off speaker cans every time I stood up.

As for the mic, I am not sure if you can do it without the 420, but with the 420...it fades the volume down when you click the mic button, and fades it back in when you are done...which is nice and again avoids harsh sounds coming out of your speakers. The other nice feature of the 420 is the ease to change volume between the in-boat and tower speakers.

I think I am allowed to make a recommendation, since I am not a vendor. I just had a bunch or work done by AVC Marine (avcmarine.com), and Chris is an honest and good guy. I would ask him, as he is an expert and a very good one at that.....

Good luck.

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Here are a couple of considerations in doing a mic without a dedicated EQ.

Before the EQ/PA combo many (especially instructors) added self-contained hailers with horns to the tower. Not many today will tolerate the appearance of an additional PA horn.

There are mics that have no power but they would need substantial preamp gain. This gain stage is already build into the preamp of an EQ or PA. You could possibly add a mic, variable line driver and electronic switching module at the the same or greater cost than an EQ with a mic built in.

There are mics that are battery powered and there are mics that are powered through a phantom supply (a 48 volt power supply for example) either externally or via the preamp board. You could run into a grounding/noise issues when interfacing with 12 volt electronics.

There are also dedicated PA systems for boats with built in RCA level switching. They may only mute audio on the tower unless you use an EQ or 4-channel line driver downstream in the signal path.

I'm not sure any of these alternatives give you a better solution.


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Seems like everyone now days is scared to make an amp reccomendation to the OP because everyone trashes each other's reccomendations.

Nightrider, you can mount your Rev 10s any way you want to. look at the demo boats and tower installs in here: Scream marine

2 sets of Rev10s is big time. not everyone needs that much. Unless you want to be "loudest on your Lake" kinda level, 1 set of Rev10s powered well would likely be more than enough for any activity you do. If you really want to be REAL loud, and your goal becomes to be louder than other boats, then go with the 2 sets of REV 10s.

look at a quality amp that produces a true 300-400 watts per speaker....

So if you wanna power 4 Rev10s well:

You are looking for an amp that can do 700-800 watts RMS x 2 channels at 2 ohms.

Or 2 smaller amps (1 per set of Rev10s) that each produce 300-400watts x 2 channels at 4 ohms.

If after your search you are having trouble, shoot me a PM and I will provide a couple amp reccomndations....

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G3 and looking to mount above the Bimini. Hoping to aim one pair straight back and one slightly off access to project to the rider when hanging outside the wake. I am blind, so any descriptions are a bonus.

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As for the two pairs of rev tens my previous boat had NVS deviants. I'm Looking for the same volume out of independent modules Glad to hear this in for comes recommended

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I can answer a bit, and make a recommendation as well. The REV series has a less harsh sound when at high volumes.

Tried any eq to pull the harshness out? Personally I've never heard a good sounding set of horns without rather major eq.

*I haven't experienced many ones supplied for towers though either. Definitely a few on my lake and they all sound like crap...

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