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Space Under Observer Seat For Battery / Tool Storage


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So as I gear up for my new stereo install and rearranging of my setup I am trying to solve my space issue. I want my storage compartment back !!!! I have a plan for my amp's and wiring to be out of the way on the outside wall no problem there. I wanted to put the 2 or 3 batteries under the observer seat along with my toolbox and other non-frequently used items as I hate having to move that seat. So for the actual questions.....

I have seen people use the Optima Blue top D34M under the seat with about 1" clearance.

I want to go with 2 Trojan T-105 +'s for my stereo due to the reserve power.

The Torojan's are about 3 inches taller than the optima blue tops

Any ideas ? Suggestions ? Ideally a side post terminal battery would be great but I can't find 6 volt batteries with that setup. Also does anyone know what the FULL height availability is under the observer seat for a 05 23LSV or similar ? If anyone has one handy and can measure that would be great ! Mine is tucked away far far away and I can't get to it :(

Thanks in advance for the help,


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6v batteries will not fit under the seat. If you cut out the floor maybe. I looked into this but didn't have the guts to do it. You will need to go with a sealed agm battery to get them in this location.

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I did that and think it was a terrific move. The previous owner had Odysssey batteries, so that made it a no-brainer for me. I did not have to change out batteries to do it. I also put the onboard charger in there, as the previous owner had it in the rear storage compartment where wet life jackets probably tapped a few of the switches (the charger was setup all wrong for AGM batteries), and he was lucky it never was destroyed by water exposure. I also snugged the heater up under there too. It made amp installation so much easier since I did not have to move the batteries to crawl in the compartment.

Good luck with finding the right battery to get in there. I will be eagerly watching, since I don't know how long my batteries were being charged inappropriately, and I am now relegated to a shorter battery when these burn up, unless I move them back to the storage compartment. Like you noticed, a standard top post battery is a little too tall in a 2006 247.

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Deka 9a34 is the same as the optima D34m and you can get them for around $139 w/o a core.

Same size and same AH and RC.

IMO East Penn Deka makes a much better battery now days that Optima.

I was looking at those but in comparison to the 6v the AH are way off. Im still trying to find a good calculation of what I need but there are so many variables and no one is willing to stick their neck out and say yeah thats enough or no you need more to be safe... Im running 4 xm9's, a Xi12D, 6 SX65M's. Amps are the Harpoon, a 800.4 and the Xi 1500.1. I pound music all day while riding and sit and play too. Its never more than 60% for longer than a minute ever. Someone needs to make a spreadsheet with "average" numbers based on styles of play, total watts and draw. If I knew enough about it I would. Anyway I'm coming close to discussing items in the wrong part of the forum so im done. Thanks anyway for the info. I think I will just go with the deka's or optima's as I dont want to have anything in my storage compartment anymore. Hope 2 of em will last 4 hours or so.



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