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Malibu Xti Wake Question


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New to the site because I'm looking at a 2006 Malibu XTI and wanted to get some info before making a purchase. I'm new to the water sports and looking at a good cross over boat and from what Ive read the XTI is good for that. The question I have does anyone have any pics or video of what the wake looks like for wakeboarding on the XTI? Also any of you XTI owners how do you like your ride? Any personal reviews or info is greatly appreciated before I make a purchase.

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i ride behind a 2008 vlx and 2011,

last year i was at a wakeboard camp in thailand and they have an 07 xti malibu , with weight that boat have a perfect wake and the more weight you put in the bigger and better the wake gets..

i didnt expect it from the xti ! and with no wake you can ski behind it !

if the price is good you will be very happy in my opinion !!

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I have an 04 Wakesetter Direct Drive. It will make a nice wake when loaded properly. (yes that means a lot of ballast). It is on the sv23 wake hull, and will smooth out nicely forskiers above about 28mph.

I am running fixed wedge, 550 # in the center ski locker and 300 under the back seat. I was thinking about another 300 inthe trunk but that will require the reinforcing of the trunk floor.

It really is a good boat and being a DD it is easier to work on than a Vdrive.

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Here is the run down on the boat and the price they are asking. Let me know if you guys think its a good deal!

One owner

320 hp

85 hours

Power wedge

800 lb ballast bag

Marine CD/Sirius/Stereo w/ 4 tower speakers & base (Kicker speakers thoughout)

Wakeboard tower racks

Duel battery pack

Cruise control


Custom matching bimini top and Malibu cover & matching tandem trailer

The seller is also willing to through in two knee boards, a wake board, a pair of skis, short skis and 5 life jackets.

I went and looked at the boat with it in storage and there is no rips or tears on the interior. The hull has some surface scratches on the bottom of the hull and there is no cracks or major damage anywhere. The price they are willing to sell it all for is 36K.

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Which model XTI are you looking at? There were several in '06 and they rode on different hulls. You can have a look waterskimag.com and their Virtual Test Drives, and they might have a picture of the wake for you. The 2006 models begin on the sixth page.

You say you're new to water sports. If you think you're going to do a little bit of everything (skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, and <cough> tubing), the XTI is an awesome boat. I looked at them pretty closely while they were made, but my own preference leans toward skiing, so I was mostly interested in the Sunsetter 21 XTI as opposed to the Wakesetter and 23 foot variations. The latter models will be more biased toward wakeboarding.

You have a lot of options when it comes to a great crossover boat. Malibu's Wedge can even help to create a pretty decent beginner to intermediate level wakeboard wake in one of the Response models, while having some of the best slalom wakes available, too, when you want them.

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It's the Wakesetter model

I have a 23XTI right now and I'll try and find some photos. I'd be a little concerned about a 2006 that only has 85 hours on it. That's about 1 weekend a year of use. I'd be concerned about the upkeep on a boat that gets that little use.

(I am a little biased because I'm selling one with 350 hours) but I've heard several people have similar concerns.

PM me your e-mail address and I'll send some.

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I had a 2005 21 Xti Wakesetter (with the 335HP engine) until I upgraded last year to a 2011 23 LSV. It came with the one ballast tank and manual wedge. When I bought the Xti in 2005, most of the family were water skiers and were just getting into wake boarding so the Xti was a good option at the time. We put about 300 trouble free hours on the boat and we were very happy with it. The ski wake was good and if conditions were right, we could barefoot. For wake boarding, it was good enough for us but then none of us were experts. For surfing, it was limited and we had to add a lot of weight just to get a passable wake. The other drawback was the interior space and six was about a comfortable load. We traded it last year for $23,000 which I was happy with but I think the boat you are considered may be over priced, even with low hours. I can't find any wake specific photographs but the attached may be of interest.


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I have a 05 same hull as the one you are looking at anything earlier is on a different hull so its not relevent to your prospective boat. I had an 05 vlx prior both are great boats + and - for both. I find the wake great its the same hull as the vlx so with the same weight its essentially the same wake. We ski surf and wakeboard behind ours and honestly think its great all around.They usually sell and book for a few grand cheaper than a vlx which makes it a bargain imo. Sorry no pics but we love ours :) edit just saw the hours as long as its been maintained and tests good i dont think its that overpriced. Trade in is always a low ball.Thats why id sell before trading it.

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I have a 2003 23 xti... I love the setup and I have been very happy with my boat!!!! the 23 ft has plenty of room in the back seating area and ppl can comfortably watch what is going on behind the boat.... My surf wake is great.. I have an 800 lb sac that goes in the walk through....plus 450 in back plus 500 center locker...Wakeboarding wake is good as well... I have two 450 sac in back and 500 in center locker....My buddy has an A22 axis his wake is bigger than mine but it is feakin huge... mine is plenty big enough...for skiing, the wake def mellows at high speeds....In my opinion the boat is priced right...

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36k seems really high for that boat. The XTi is a boat that was never meant to do anything really well.

- Doesn't wakeboard or surf like a V-drive

- Doesn't have the space of a V-drive

- Doesn't ski like the more ski oriented direct drives

- Not a barefoot boat

In my opinion, it was marketed as a general purpose, entry level boat, and that's how I view it.

For this time of year, I'd say that boat is a good 12k overpriced.

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I have a 2002 23 XTi and love it. I am a direct drive snob as this is my third direct drive. You cannot beat the "feel" of a direct drive, IMO...handles great. Plus I am a DIYer when it comes to working on the boat and direct drive access makes wrenching on your rig a snap.

The 23 XTi was "towboat of the year" when it was introduced and I think it is a great crossover boat. I am a slalom skier (skied for Ohio University's team back in college) and I can't believe how great the wake is for slalom skiing for a 23 ft boat. I also like to wakeboard and surf, and with wedge, ballast, and extra friends weighting the boat down, it can throw a nice wake too. My friends trick ski, airchair, etc. I have not tried the barefoot wake but it has the speed and power to do so if I wanted to try with the Hammerhead.

Surf wake with wedge down and rear tanks full (no other ballast):


Slalom wake @ 32 MPH and 6 people on board:


Airchair wake pop:


Trick wake pop:


Anyway, you cannot go wrong with the boat unless you are fixated on wake/surf - if you are, get a v-drive.

-- Mike

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