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Vtx Wake?


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We are looking at something newer and would like some input on the wake behind the vtx.

I still enjoy some skiing and we all love surfing.

Is this the boat for us?

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We went from an '06 VLX to an '11 VTX on a cut diamond hull and have been extremely happy with the wake. The wake for wakeboarding is not quite the same as the one behind the VLX, but the ski wake is much, much better. The VTX has worked well for us as I have been skiing more and more, but still do some boarding, as do the kids (when they are around). My wife and I also enjoy the cabin layout afforded by the v-drive. The size works well for us as we don't usually have a huge crew and we are not usually out for the whole day.

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OGGIE... I have a 2011 VTX on the cut diamond also. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect crossover boat... and this is the one that fit the bill. The ski wake is great. I'm not a great wakeboarder... but have had some people behind my boat that were...and they seemed to think it was pretty good too... even with just the stock ballast. As for surfing... with stock tanks and one 500 lb sack and a couple people we can make a great wave. Since the boat is small.. it's easier to sink (or tip)... the wave was as good as a lot of bigger boats that need to fill a lot more bags. At least 6 adults and a couple kids fit with no problem. The other thing that made me choose the VTX was storage. Way better than the mastercraft x2, x14v, nautique 200 sport and supra that I looked at. I guess the only one thing that I wish Malibu would do is put a removable pylon up in a ski position like mastercraft has on their x14v and nautique does.... but you can't have everything! Let me know if you have any more specific questions.

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Only to re-enforce what blagrata said, the VTX on the diamond hull is a great do it all boat. The wake is good enough for advanced slalom skiing but gives up a little to the slalom specific direct drives when comparing tracking and speed stability. You wont have any complaints unless you are a regular in the course behind a Response. The wake does start to get big below 30 mph but is still a great recreational wake.

We surfed with only the base ballast and the power wedge. We only had 2 people in the boat and the surf wake was plenty to go roapless. With the wedge up the wake looked good but had no push. With no wedge you would need a few extra people or more ballast than what the factory offers.

I tried the wake hull as well. For me the slalom wake was unacceptable. You cold go for a joy ride but forget any aggressive wake crossings. The wake is just too big. It is really amazing how different the two hulls ski above 30 mph. With your eyes closed you could almost forget it was a v-drive.

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We love our VTX on the diamond hull. I looked at quite a few "cross overs" and I think the VTX is the best of all. The slalom wake is best at 34+. At 30 or less it gets a bit large. I agree with all of the other comments posted above. With the power wedge and the 4 tank ballast the wakeboard wake is excellent. For surfing we like to run with the wedge all the way down (not max downforce), the front, center, and port side ballast full, an the addition of a 370# and a 280# sack running from the rear locker to under the port side seats. With this setup the surf wake is very enjoyable.

We put almost 100 hours on our VTX last year doing all of these watersports (and I probably should not admit, some tubing when the water was rough). We love our VTX. One thing I would recommend considering if you are somewhat serious about slalom or learning to do more advanced wakeboard tricks - consider getting the Zero-Off option for Maliview. I was not happy with the Precision Pro speed control the VTX came with.

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Thanks everyone for the info.I had thought the vtx was going to be our choice but its good to hear other opinions as well.

Anyone looking for an echelon LX?

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