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Advice on paddleboard

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Does anyone have any comments on this? http://louisville.craigslist.org/boa/2656327413.html

I have used my older Fanatic and Mistral longboards (an Ultra Cat and a Malibu) for SUP and they work well. I'm guessing that his board is an F2 Comet, which means it's roughly 10 1/2 feet long and around 160+ liters. That's a little less than my old Mistral Malibu, which is my most challenging one to use as an SUP. But I'm 200 lb. That board of his should be OK if you weigh less than I do. By the way, his paddling technique in the video could be modified a little and his balance would improve. Length of the paddle depends upon your height and whether you're using the board on flat water or in surf. The price is OK for you to get started in it, that's for sure.

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My first paddleboard was an old Bic windsurf board that I picked up for $75, put a deck pad on it, bought a Carlisle Taboo paddle & got out & learned how it was done. The board was 12' long x 28" wide... not too bad for supporting my 230 lb butt on it. But it had a bit of a deep V in the bottom, which made it a little tippy. I started out learning to paddle off the beach & around our dock in the early spring. Fell in a lot but got the hang of it in a few weeks. By mid summer I was paddling for 30 minutes or more without falling in. Then I attended a demo for LakeShore Paddleboard Co's boards. The boards were wide & flat bottom, much more stable. Now I got for miles, days without falling in. After 2 seasons I'm doing 5 mile runs, attending Iron Man swims (as patrol help) and considering white water SUP on rivers in my area.

But the windsurf board definitely taught me a lot about balance, steering, rocker, etc. No board will be the "perfect board" for everything. My LPC board is too flat to SUP behind a boat... needs more rocker to keep the tip up when facing down a wave. And it certainly won't bounce off the rocks in white water without getting damaged.

I ended up selling the windsurf board for $175 when I bought the $1500 LPC. So it was a good starter for me & allowed me to figure out if I was interested without dumping a pile of money into it.


I also hang out on a SUP site called http://www.standupzone.com. There are several threads where guys go with something like this before they take the plunge on a more expensive board.

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I would not use a windsurfer as a SUP

It just does not work as a SUP is intended to work regarding: board speed, maneuverability, balance.

It won't be a fun experience trying to get SUP performance out of a windsurfer.

Now, if you want to just use the Board as a beach toy, to goof around on, by all means the windsurf board will be fine.

(I have windsurfing and SUP experience)

Does anyone have any comments on this? http://louisville.craigslist.org/boa/2656327413.html

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Do you have any prior experience SUP'ing? or are you brand new? There are several different things to think about when you are going to purchase a SUP board. The length and width is important as it will provide stability to the board, the more comfortable and stable you are on the board the smaller you can go. Are you going to be using the board on flat water? or wave riding?

If you are interesting in a high quality board send me a private message, someone I know owns and runs a company in Orange County, CA they make their own boards. I am helping him and his company, EKO Surf, spread their word and product throughout the country.

Here is the website to EKO surf you can look over their company and product. w w w dot ekosurf dot com

I can get you a sweet deal on one of these boards if you are interested.

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