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factory front ballast


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has anyone installed a factory front ballast in thier boat? im wondering what i need to get to put the front ballast in and get it all hooked up to work with the malibu launch system with the mux switch....

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I would use this bag:


Fits very well, and the quality of the Fly High bags are really top notch. I scored that bag off of E-bay (seller bought it but never used it, so new without a box) for $125 shipped. Don't expect to find a deal quite like that, but you should be able to find it for $160ish shipped if you are willing to wait for the right deal or sale.

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liljohn's write up is terrific. If it is not in the DIY section, it should be considered for it.

I am debating one of 3 options for my boat, the bow sack mentioned above, the factory tank (can be purchased at Bake's, but shipping is expensive), or just running hoses to a walkway sack that I keep folded under the playpen seat. It would take 15 seconds to unfold it, and I could always add another sack to it if needed.

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less weight??? i thought the factory front ballest was 350lbs of ballast? that bag they said was good for 600?

I thought the front ballast tank was only 250 pounds. That is why I am leaning towards doing a hose to a sac that I can unroll in the walkway. Then I can fill a 400 pound sack without any problems.

roger that.... im wondering if i have to get like a sensor or if its built into the ballast tank so itll read how full it is on the maliview

I believe it was in liljohn's thread that he finds the wire for the tank sensor, so you can wire it to the guage and it would seem stock. The wire is already tucked in there somewhere close, so you only have to find it and hook it up to the sensor to have it show on your guages.

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tallredrider, I saw liljohn's post but i cant seem to find it again. it didnt say anything about the malivue.

Here is the thread:

Post #45 is the picture of the wiring harness that includes the wiring for the sending unit. I would assume on newer boats with Malivue that the wiring is the same, and your Malivue will just start sensing the tank as soon as the wiring is hooked up, but I could be wrong about that.

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Correct but you can't fill the bag full. When it comes to the bow tank you can't get more weight under the seats than the factory tank unless you go with lead.

Has anyone tried to put lead underneath the factory hard tank? Is there room?

I have a bunch of 50 pound Lead Wake sacs, would be interested in knowing how many I could fit under there. The sacs are whoopie cushion sized and are soft so they can take different shapes.

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