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Why isn't there a DIY heater installation thread?


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I am almost complete with my heater install and it has been somewhat painful to find the details. I think the DIY section of the website has some great articles and a heater install is not listed there. I think it would be a great idea to synthesize some of the great thoughts in various threads all into one thread that would cover all aspects of the heater install. I have searched many times, and I had to go through way too many threads to get the information I needed.

Is there any reason a DIY thread for heater install does not exist? Or is there already one out there?

I would be happy to create it, and after it gets some public comment, I would have to ask one of the mods to help me scrub some of the extra comments and I could edit my posts to make a succinct but detailed heater install thread. I already took a number of pictures to document my experience.

Would that be the right way to go about it? I would hate to create more work for the mods, but I think it could be pounded out pretty quickly once I got some public comment to improve things. I would plan on putting it on the general discussion area to maximize traffic and then scrubbing it and moving it to the DIY section once it seems complete.

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No one has done the install and created a write-up of it. We'd be happy to assist you in getting one completed for others to use in their installs. If you look at the other DIY write-ups you can get a good idea of what we are looking for in a write-up. If you have any question feel from to PM me or the other Admins/Mods.

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TallRedRider - I'd love to see you write up a DIY for this. I've been very curious about installing a heater, and would benefit from a DIY detailing your experiences.

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I've been working on one. I did a heater install and it worked pretty well. Took lots of pictures. I'll see if I can get it together soon.

Cedar, I have seen some of your threads with questions. Can't remember off the top of my head, which ones, but your name pops out to me.

I would like to actually use the heater before I post the thread, and with any luck that will be this weekend. But things may come up and I might not even get her fully installed by then. So I am probably a week or two away from getting it started. I have been shooting pictures along the way.

Whichever one of us attacks the task can add pictures and comments to the other's thread as part of the 'scrubbing' process. I would be just as happy if you would do it and then I can just armchair quarterback the situation :lol::crazy::biggrin:

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When I have something together, I'll send it your way. Sorry you didn't say something sooner, I could have answered any questions. Your install may have been a little more difficult since your boat has the engine mounted backwards :crazy:

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