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2000 Malibu Escape 23 LSV


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Hello All, I am looking at purchasing a Malibu Escape LSV. The listing price is $27,500.00. It has 300 hours. All the Bells & Whitsles, and ballast bags. What is your thoughts on this price? Is this boat capable wakesurfing if loaded correctly? (I don't want to throw fat sacs on seats or swin step) Let me know your thoughts. I am looking at purchasing something before X-Mas. Thanks in advance for your help.

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We bought a '03 23 LSV with 147 hours on it for about that same price. Being a 2000, it seems a little high to me.

The LSV has tons of room in the rear to add larger bags, depending on what you're trying to achieve. We bought a Sunscape instead of a Wakesetter since it didn't have any ballast as we wanted to set our up differently, so that didn't matter to us.

Good luck and welcome to the Crew.

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Thanks. I am looking hard right now. I have 30K cash to spend. What is your thoughts on what I can get for 30K? Thanks and I am happy to be a part of the crew. I will be a lot happier when I got a boat in my drive way.

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That boat seems overpriced for sure. Watch boattrader, e-bay, and Craigslist.

Also, post a "Want to Buy" add in the boating section of Craigslist. That's how I found my boat (wasn't even listed anywhere), and another Malibu I almost bought - which also wasn't listed - was found the same way.

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Nitrousbird, did you put how much you wree willing to spend on the add?

Yes, I put my max budget and exactly what I was looking to purchase. If you only want a Malibu, put that in there, same as any other requirements you may have.

I see you are in California - when I was looking, all the best prices were there - the drive was just too much to make it worthwhile for me, as was the cost of shipping a boat. That means you should being paying bottom dollar for sure.

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I need a nice family malibu. I have only ridden behind a centurion with my brother in laws boat. I have done some research and I just keep coming back to Malibu. I have the cash ready to roll (30K). I need some help on what I can get for 30K, any ideas? My family consists of 6 peeps. 2 adults, 4 Kids (5 and under). My 5 year old daughter wants to get in the water now and wakeboard like her uncle. Any help would be great. It has taken forever to save this 30K cash for my kids so I need to make sure I get this best for my money. Thanks

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I wasn't sure what model you wanted. (sunsetter, response, sunscape, wakesetter, vRide ect.) Doesn't sound like you need a huge boat so a VLX or vRide would be perfect. At the same time it depends on whether you want ballast tanks or the wedge. We bought our wakesetter last fall out of AZ with 99 hours on it for $31,000. We have absolutely loved it. At 30K you can buy a really nice boat. It all comes down to what options you really want. Here is a shot of ours. We had 9 or 10 people in the boat at times and it was a little cramped but certainly still plenty of room. Has a nice wake with no ballasts or wedge and really bumps it up if you fill the ballasts and drop the wedge.


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We have the LSV, bought it when the kids were 8 and under. With 6 in the family and the desire to take others with us, the LSV was the correct boat for us. If you go out with others, the additional room allows everyone space and comfort.

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I bought a 2000 23 LSV without tower or balast but with the LS1 Corvette engine for $20k last April and missed out on one with a Monsoon for $18k, both had less than 200 hrs. I love my boat, it does everything I want it to (skiing / tubing and family use).

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