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MB 2 speed transmissions?

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Anyone driven a 2 speed transmission before? I once tried a shifting prop on an I/O, I didn't care for it.

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Doesn't exist any more, but when they did offer it the ratios they selected were not ideal. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense for inboards because a single ratio is enough to span the entire speed range of these drag limited hulls.

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drove one it shifted good just hear a clunk when it shifted the high gear was the same as a single speed and then there was a low gear, it was neat but not real usefull, would be really cool to use with a diesel where you dont have the rev out of a gas motor

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A local guy here built 2 different hallett boats , each with a V Drive 454 driven through a 2 speed powerglide transmission ( no torque converter) to the V drive .

One was a Hallett 210 and the other was a Hallett Vector.

The body style is this: http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1987-Hallett-Vector-100145729

The first boat ran 80 mph and the second over 100 , twin turbo big block.

The thing came out of the hole with much bravado in first gear. Then he could shift to drive and cruise right along.

He loved to go to Cultus Lake elevation 5000 ASL , hence the need for more power.

I skied behind both boats and they were terrible. He did have trim tabs he used to make the boat ride properly.

He did not have an exposed engine but rather had the sunpad arrangement shown in the photo.

It actually was a comfortable boat to drive in the slop.

The 2 speed tranny definitely worked for his application.

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Doesn't exist any more

Unless they dumped it for 2012, as their site only reflects 2011: http://www.mbsports.net/accessory_view.asp?accessory=engines

"Two-Speed transmission upgrade

Up to a 30% fuel savings over standard V-drive transmission

Faster, cleaner holeshots

Increased low-end torque

Reduced wear & tear on entire drive train "

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they've been putting th400s in v-drives for years. it's awesome.

schiadas, halletts, coles, etc. 1200hp+ and a multi-speed tranny in a v-drive = :love::rockon:

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Bake's Marine

I've been a few with the 2 speed, not a fan at all. Great idea but poor function / execution.

You can achieve what you want with a different prop easier in my opinion


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