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247 Fuel Tank Brackets?

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First off, I'm new to Malibu this season (came from a mastercraft X-30). My boat is a 2008 247 with the 8.1L Vortec. I absolutely love the boat and couldn't be happier. While changing the transmission oil, I noticed the rear fill plug (ski-vee) is tight against the fuel tank and hard to remove. Upon closer inpsection it looks as if the fuel tank has managed to slide back. It appears that there are only two small "L" shaped brackets that bolt the tank to the fibces runners. Both brakcets are not that beefy and appear to be bent, allowing the tank to slide back a bit. Is this the only support that Malibu uses to secure the tank? They don't seem very beefy for a 80+ gal fuel tank. I decided to open the bilge inspection panel and take a look at how the forward ballast tank is attached. Suprisingly, this was secured with the same bracket, but two were stacked on top of each other make the bracket stronger. Seems strange they would secure the smaller forward ballast tank with a stronger arrangement than the fuel thank.

It looks as if I'm going to have to drain the tank to slide it back into position, and re-install new brackets. Has anyone else had this problem? It just doesn't seem that this small bracket would hold the tank. Before I install new brackets, can someone verify that this is how their fuel tank is secured? is there a new or stronger bracket I can install to prevent this?

I did a search but could not seem to find any topics on this subject. I've attached links to pictures of the tank and brackets. The first three are of the fuel tank, with the last being of the front ballast to illustrate the "stacked" brackets. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Doesn't look like a big deal to me. Easiest way to change tranny fluid is to use a pump extractor from the fill hole.

Interesting. The other part of the problem is he can barely get the dipstick out to fill it and check the level. But it only looks like the tank has moved 1/4" at the most.

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80 x 7#/gal = 560lbs ish


(way more than i'd like slamming back against my tranny/engine alignment) = 560lbs * (say... slam into a big roller at 35mph)

I'd continue work into getting that up to where it needs to be. I'm surpised its only a few 1/8" L brackets....

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Thanks for all the replys.

Looks as if I'll have to drain the tank and slide it forward again. Right now its pretty difficult to remove the plug, and the inlet fitting for the skivee drive is actually resting on/touching the tank. As some have mentioned this is quite a bit weight to be resting, placing stress on the transmission/engine.

Sounds as if others only have 2 small 1/8" "L" brackets to secure the tank from sliding backwards on their boats? It also seemed a bit odd that Malibu chose to stack two of these brackets or double them up on the small front ballast tank with much less weight (fourth picutre in the thread). I guess I might do this on the fuel tank once I get it slid forward again.

Any tips on the best way to drain the tank?


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