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Best trailer winch?

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The cheap winch that came with the 2010 23 LSV needs to be replaced as the teeth are gone. I also had to replace my winch on my old boat/trailer (2002 Crownline). I want a heavy duty winch that will not strip out the teeth, etc, that is reliable and one that I can have confidence in.

Both of the ones that have failed have been Fulton's, so I'm pretty determined to mvoe away from them. In my research, I've found some from Dutton-Lainson, Shelby and SeaSense that seem to be better quality than Fulton.

Any one have any experience with these brands?

Any other suggestions?

Thansk in advance!

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Thnx 06. I just looked at them. They seem pretty nice, but I'm worried that it won't work with my trailer. My trailer is 3" square tubing where the winch mounts to. In looking at those F2 winches, the rear of the mount requires two bolts that seem to be wider than 3". I'll keep looking, but thank you though!

Sincerely, ds53652

Fulton has some upgraded ones that are nothing like the stock cheap ones put on the boats. Check out the F2 line. I put a 5:1 to replace the 3:1 on mine and reals the boat up really easy.

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I replaced mine with a Dutton Lainson from Academy. I think I had a 800lb factory winch. With ever thing I had I could barley move the boat with the old winch. The new one is a DL2500A Winch w/strap, plated . Its 2 speed, 2500 lb, with strap, and in low speed i can crank my boat across the trailer boards with it out of the water with ease. Big difference and worth the $100 I spent. Bolted directly where the old one was on my extreme trailer. Handle can be easyly removed with no tools if you want to also.

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Thx PdxWAKE. You seem to have the same 3" square tubing. Did that F2 winch have two side-to-side bolts on the rear or backside of the mount? When I look at the instructions for the F2 mounts it shows two side-by-side bolts, which seem to be wider than the 3" square tubing of my trailer.

Just took this one off, not because it was bad, but because I switched the jack last year and wanted the matching winch.


New F2 Winch and Jack


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