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Indmar Monsoon manifold hose question

WBL skier

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I was looking at my engine today (indmar monsoon 325 hp efi) and i noticed that the manifold hoses do not have the garden hose style clamps on the end. Instead, there is one tube that attaches both of the manifolds together. it looks like I either need to loosen the hose clamp on both manifolds and drain from there or back the actual hollow bolt out of the back of each manifold. It does not look like the picture in the indmar manual. any thoughts?

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Lol... Well, they didn't forget to split the line, they just didn't back then. First it was plugs in the manifold, then it was elbows with caps on them, then it was a continuous line, and then it was a split line with a capped Tee, and then it was a garden hose connection in the line.

Be careful comparing different years on anything. It's constant change and evolution.

Peter :)

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Is there much pressure on that line between the manifolds? I am thinking about just adding the male and female garden hose connector to the line, but if there is much pressure on it I am a little nervous about how well the connectors I add will hold up. Any thoughts? Why are they connected in the first place rather than just a hose with a shut off on each side?

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You can find the fittings at Home Depot, right near the garden hose section. I bought some myself to repair some hoses. I think you would be OK with the hose clamps that come with them, not THAT much pressure. As a safety precaution, you could double up on the hose clamps on each side.

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I have monitored the pressure in my cooling system, and it has never exceeded 7 PSI. Up at the manifolds, where it dumps back to the lake, I would think it is much less than that. Typical pressure in your house is 60-80 PSI for comparison. If you decide to add hose fittings to the crossover hose, I would be more concerned with heat than pressure. It will be hot water in there, and the engine room will get quite hot too at times. Cheap plastic fittings could become brittle with time and crack, causing a really bad day on the water. Water will come out of that hose faster than your bilge pump can pump it when your engine is running. I forgot to make up my fitting one trip and took on water really quick. Luckily I noticed the bilges bung hole spitting out water.

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