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Livorsi fuel sending unit

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Has anyone out there installed a Livorsi fuel sending unit. I like the engineering and lack of moving parts; however, after looking at the unit in their catalog I am concerned about the thickness of part that is not in the fuel tank. The stock unit raises up only about 1/2" where as the Livorsi looks thicker and I was wondering if that would become an issue when the storage board is placed back over it.

On a separate note, I was reading a post about the stock unit and the writer replaced the ground to the unit with a thicker guage thereby making the stock unit more accurate. The writter claimed that Malibu has a propensity for splicing the ground too many times, thus affecting the accuracy of the fuel sending unit / gas gauge.

Any comments on either subject?

I WILL be making changes to my boat with regard to my inaccurate fuel gauge. Running out of gas in the middle of the lake sucks @ss. Mad.gif

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I tied that sending unit on are old Malibu. I could never get it to work with the 4 in 1 Kysor Medallion; I believe it has to do with the MMDC control. I did end up sending the unit back to Livorsi to have it checked out and calibrated, unit was fine. You also need to run a hot wire from the ignition switch and the extra height didn't seam to be a problem.

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I was thinking about putting the Livorsi unit in come spring time, eventhough I just did the Teleflex sender last summer. I never even thought of the thickness.

Make sure you update us if you give it a shot.


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I was thinking about putting the Livorsi unit in come spring time, eventhough I just did the Teleflex sender last summer.

Were you not happy with the Teleflex mod, Mike? I have been very satisfied with it.

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How simply replacing the ground wire with a thicker guage. I like the construction of the current sending unit, it doesn't seem flimsy like the arm units.

Any truth that the ground wires are spliced too much?

Would this be a viable fix?

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