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Mushy wake, trying different set up's

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My winter project will be setting up my ballast config for my boat. A friend has 3 x 400lb fat sacs so we went out yesterday to see how they would work in my boat. So the set up was 400lb in rear locker, 400lb on seat and almost full 400lb'r in bow walk way with 4 adults and one 6yr old. The factory "pure vert" tank full on surf side (approx. 350lb)

Wake was very mushy and difficult to "stay in it"

Read a few posts about the swim step acting as a trim tab, it did seem to be digging/dragging in the water with the added weight. More bow weight to compensate for this or less in the locker? The swim step on the Calabria's is huge too.

Here is a link to a quick video so you can see it.

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58 views and no reply's it's tough out here for us non-malibu owners :biggrin: So has anyone had problems with swim step messing up the wake on their set ups?

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So, a mushy wave could be a handful of things...

I guess in your case, because it sounds like your weighted well, I'd try tinkering with the speed. Small adjustments can make huge differences. I would guess you are going too slow because going to fast usually doesn't create a mushy wave. FWIW, most people are riding between 10.5-12.5 mph....

Your swim step shouldn't really make too much of a difference.

In general:

If your wave is too small: You need more weight

If your pocket is too short: You need more bow weight

If your wave is too mushy/slow: You need to tinker with speed or add more weight

If your wave is huge, but super crumbly and mushy: you need to mess with weight placement. (usually too much in rear/not enough in bow)

Anyway, good luck. Let me know if this works.........

EDIT: Ok, so I just watched your vid... Something I probably should have done to start with :lol: So, your wave looks pretty clean and long. The only thing I can say is that it looked like (judging by where the rub rail is in relation to the water) you could add some weight in the back end. Maybe try stacking a couple 400's in the rear locker as full as you can get 'em and keeping the one in the bow (assuming you still have 6 people on the surf side seats). Looked like you were going plenty fast too. Were you running about 12.5?

Hope this helps....

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Hey thanks for the info!

Yes around 12.5mph, 2400 rpm. I only have my app on my phone for GPS, so accuracy is so/so.

Based on your feedback, I'm thinking more weight would help out. I'm borrowing the 400lbs sacks so I'm not into this for any money yet. Kind of stoked I can try out the set ups prior to buying anything.

I'm trying to get back out this week, I'll keep you guys updated

Thanks again!!

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