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Dont know where to start this story, my hands are still shaking.......After finishing our normal routine of sking and footing Sunday morning, I noticed my buddies mastercraft hauling a** downlake back to our docks, I was a little confused because after sking we usually hang out in the middle of the lake for a bit shooting the breeze about the mornings ski and foot runs.....

As I am finishing putting the boat back on the lift, I hear my wife SCREAMING to me to call 911......One of my closest friends and ski partner, who had just come out of the course, was having a MASSIVE heart attack, He had just finished one of his typical sets, climbed into the boat and said to the driver and his wife that he felt like he had "indigestion", the boat driver another very good friend, noticed that something was not right and decided to hi tail it back to the dock, as soon as they hit the dock my buddy walked up to his cottage, still complaining of "indigestion", he sat down on a porch chair and within 5 minutes it was lights out, FULL CARDIAC ARREST.

By the time I got to his porch and looked down, he was gone..... pupils dilated, his body seemed stiff as a board, and I cant even describe the sound that he was making,(I know there is a medical term for it, I just cant think of it at the moment, I know it begins with an "A")

At this point one of my other buddies wife ( who is an AWSOME nurse !!!! THANKS SUE, YOU ROCK !!!!!!) SAVED A LIFE !!!

We were VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY lucky that a few weeks earlier one of the wives in our group had the foresight to purchase an AED....and man did we put that thing to good use, Nurse Sue hooked up the AED , which is very easy to set up and use, all the while prior to us breaking out the AED, Sue was doing full on CPR........and my buddy is no small guy, 51 yeras old, weightlifter, and dam good slalom skier......Sue hooked up the AED.... let it do it's thing...it can actually tell you if you need to administer a shock or not.......well.......yea........it said to shock...and shock is exactly what Nurse Sue did, his entire body came about 4 inches off the floor( forgot to put a pillow under his head......sorry Mark)...but it worked...He came back !!!!!!!

Everything from that point forward is a little blurry, loading people into cars after the ambulance left to go to the hospital, making sure the kids were ok,and just letting the emotions flow............tough,tough morning

The good news is he is ok, it has only been a little over 48 hours, but things are looking a LOT better than they did at 9:20 Sunday morning.....Still a LONG way to go, but at least he is still here

I know you can't prepare for every emergency, but I know one lake in CT that will forever be grateful to Dawn R. for having the foresight to buy the AED and Sue R for being there Sunday morning, and thanks to every one else who did what needed to be done that morning.........

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Wow what a morning that was! I am cetainly happy to hear that there were well trained and well prepared people near by to give this story a happy ending. Wishing your buddy a fast recovery.

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The ER Docs at the 1st hospital he was taken to (the 1st hospital was not equipped to handle severe cardiac emergencies) said that with out the AED he would have died....no if's ands or butts

I do not know the name of the artery that was blocked (it was 100% blocked) but the Cardiac Doc called it "the widowmaker"

His implication was that most people do not survive this type of heart attack

As of tonite he is feeling much better, O2 sat is a little low for the doc's liking, but they are not hitting the panic button.......

Mark is resting tonite, he had a LOT of visitors yesterday afternoon.....the nurses also had him sitting a chair for a little bit.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers

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that was a lot of really smart decisions made in a very short time period. Further proof humans are not the panicky, idiotic fools we are frequently made out to be in media when sh*t hits the fan.

I'm thinking an AED is definitely something to add to the "essentials" when I reach that point in my life.

thanks for sharing.

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Everyone should know CPR. No exceptions. It should be taught in school before they get to sex-ed, if that's what they call it now. Interesting thought about purchasing an AED. Somthing to consider

Best wishes for a full & speedy recovery.

BTW - same artery for my father +/- a decade ago. He's still truckin' at 80 and pulling me on the board when my daughter isn't around.

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I do not know the name of the artery that was blocked (it was 100% blocked) but the Cardiac Doc called it "the widowmaker"

Left Anterior Descending. Absolutely amazing that he survied with a 100% blockage. Someone was looking out for him that morning!

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That is one incredible story.

I am very much convinced that a heart attack does not usually feel serious. So most people do not recognize the symptoms.

I cannot imagine buying an AED for personal use, and I am a physician. A brief search of Ebay seems to bring up $500 for used ones (not sure I want a used one?). $1,000+ for a new one. And those are the cheap ones. The odds that I would have it with me when I need it are astronomically small. I think your buddy needs to know there is a higher power at work here...what are the odds that all of those things would line up for him to get the care he needed, when he needed it? Even a couple extra minutes with no blood flow and the brain starts to die.

A friend of mine had a heart attack at age 42 while riding his dirt bike. We had been riding together a couple of times. I was not there this time, but his riding partners did CPR until he was cold. He did not make it obviously. AED would not have gotten to him for at least an hour out in the desert where he was riding. Your buddy could have been anywhere else, even more populated areas, and would not have gotten zapped in time to have a happy ending.

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I agree, I am not a very religious person, but I am begining to re think that position, especially when you factor in,we are remotely located from any major cities, 20 minutes from the 911 call to the paramedic arriving, then another 20 minutes to the 1st hospital, then a 20 minute transfer ride to the hospital that had the cardiac care docs.....3 hours from heart attack to having the stent in place........all the docs and nurses and med techs were great !!!!.....HUGE thanks to all of them !!!!!!!!!

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wow thats full on .. how lucky you guys had the defib!!!!!

thats not the run of the mill item to have in a first aid kit ..

reminds me of a story i heard about the late kerry packer (a very rich aussie business tycoon)

he was at the horse races one day when the same thing happen , full cardiac arrest 000 (our 911) was called an told that they needed an ambulance with a defib (AED) ...

problem was there was only one ambo is the state that had one .... so they put a call in, an as luck would have it that very ambo was driving past the race track

they swung around and save old packers life ..

any way he went on to make a full recovery and on learning that it was by fate that only ambo that had an (AED) just happened to be driving by , he footed the bill an got every ambulance in the state fitted with the defib machines ...

he even had crome badge put on all of them that said " PACKERS WACKERS "

hope your friend is ok


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That is absolutely effing nuts. I can't believe you guys had an AED handy. I guess I'll definitely get one of those around when the time comes. I honestly can't even believe it. That guy is the luckiest man on earth. You might not be religious but i am. Apparently God has plans for that guy yet. Maybe it was to make you a believer ;)

Anyways totally epic that he made it this far, thoughts and prayer man, cheers.

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That is amazing, hope he recovers soon. You got me thinking about buying the AED too and keeping it in the car.

And yes, everyone should learn CPR/AED. It's not just CPR, but the awareness of bloodborne pathogens, choking, drowning, etc. that is usually trained in a 1 day course. It is extremely helpful. I've done it annually for 10 years now. Never used it, never had to, but I'm ready, and it feels very good to be ready.

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Quick Update:

Mark is feeling MUCH better as of last nite and was supposed to be moved off the cardiac floor to a "regular" room, his O2 saturation level is very good, and he has started to walk a little bit, will post another update later today or tomorrow

Thank you to every ones thoughts and well wishes, I will pass them along to mark when I see him tomorrow !!!!!

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Quick Update:

Mark is feeling MUCH better as of last nite and was supposed to be moved off the cardiac floor to a "regular" room, his O2 saturation level is very good, and he has started to walk a little bit, will post another update later today or tomorrow

Thank you to every ones thoughts and well wishes, I will pass them along to mark when I see him tomorrow !!!!!

That's great news.

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