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Impeller rubbing, slight heat change.

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Yesterday I noticed my temperature gauge change to slightly (very slightly) hotter for a brief period of time as I was coming off power. In the past it has never deviated from 160 so I was suspicious. I decided to inspect the impeller, I don't have a puller and it is a pain in the a** to take out and put back in so I just took the cover off the water pump and looked at it. There were no missing fins but the impeller seems to stick out a little bit and it is rubbing against the water pump cover(you can see the marks on the cover confirming the rubbing). The cover seems to fit on the pump fine though and I can't push the impeller in any further by hand. I also noticed a small oil burning smell but the oil level is good and was changed less than 50 hours ago.

Is it normal for the impeller to rub against the water pump cover? The impeller probably has around 50 hours on it... although it is a couple seasons old... I plan to replace it in the spring.

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Mine does put a small "ring" of wear on the plate. I dont think it's an issue. Was your lake water or air temp hotter than normal? After i've been sitting for at least a few minutes, then a restart, I'll notice the temp is a few degrees highger than normal, but within seconds it drops and stays right at 160.

Steve B.

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The impeller will take shape and sometimes lose some pumping capacity and still look as good as new. If you want to chance it you can reverse it and get some extra life out of it. Just remember if something goes wrong and you over heat badly it could be very costly. :whistle:

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The water and air temp around here is starting to be cooler than normal. So that wouldn't be the issue. I only have a couple weekends of skiing left this season and I wanted to order one of the globe impellers from the group buy rather than pay my terrible. But man I would hate to overheat...

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Just to be safe, I'd disconnect the cooling hose going to the trans. cooler and make sure there is nothing up against the screen in there.

Good call, there was a little bit of weeds in there, not much but it is clean now. Ran the boat again and it still varies a little bit when you are pulling the boat off plane. Under power it is running solid at 160 degrees. It goes up maybe 1/8th of an inch sometimes when you pull the throttle back to neutral then after a minute or two back to normal. Very weird...

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Most will stay cool at speed just from the pressure of the water over the intake. Its at idle or slow speed you need to watch. This is if your trans cooler screen is clean.

After blowing impellers on two other boats I have cleaned the screen taken them up to 30, 32 MPH and everything runs at normal temp.

PS not my boat I was on buds ski boats both times.

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