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Response TXI

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Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately a v-drive is in my future. My slalom skiing is taking a back seat to the needs of my family. I'm trying to find a 20 foot sunscape or a vtx on the cut diamond hull for a test ski to see just how much I will be giving up if we replace our 2009 lxi. The txi is tempting but I couldn't justify it over our current boat. The function is better but the form doesn't fit our upcoming needs.

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:drool: Very tempting! I am about 100 miles north of you. But what if I like it? My wife would remove some very important parts from me if I even suggested I might need a new boat.

I would love a report. one thing I notice on my RLXI is its weight sensitive with only a driver.

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:drool: Very tempting! I am about 100 miles north of you. But what if I like it? My wife would remove some very important parts from me if I even suggested I might need a new boat.

I would love a report. one thing I notice on my RLXI is its weight sensitive with only a driver.

I ended up buying a fly high fat brick to balance for the driver. I just leave it filled in the spotters storage compartment all the time.

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I'm curious as to what the trick wake is like. I'm still a ways out before considering a new boat, but I'd like to know if it's a big change for competing next year.

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thanks to mr & mrs mino for sharing their time.

thanks to skiers pier for the demo. good folks out there in waterford.

the txi is very nice ride. fit and finish are excellent. very comfortable fiberglass swim platform. was initially put off by a significant rattle when we left the dock but it went away when the center window was closed. side glass does not run very far aft, a definite improvement. very pretty boat.

the txi was equipped w zero off and i asked to have it set to give me a pull that would resemble perfect pass.

mino knew what that mode is called but my memory doesn't function really swell (but i keep forgetting that). demo mode maybe?

zo did a nice job emulating pp; i certainly didn't feel over-powered at the end of the turns (as i had on previous occasions behind an mc w zo).

disclaimer: i'm not a tournament skier. i ski for fun (it's a sickness). i seldom ladder up the line lengths.

we ski on a public lake that sees reflections from the seawalls so i typically run 6 passes; back 2 back, no drop ins.

the first 5 passes are clear water runs and the 6th pass will have waves from the reflections (returned from the first pass).

this is the primary reason i don't ladder/shorten line length within a set.

i've had success running the 32 off pass a couple times this year but NOT in a tournament (according to hoyle) fashion.

i've run the 32 off pass near the end of the set (6 passes, back 2 back, no drop ins).

yes, it's not by the rule book; don't care. i have a good time. enough of the disclaimer.

i ran a couple of passes (or parts of passes) at 22, 28, 32 and 35 off all at 34mph just to see what the wake looks like. now if i can just remember it i will try to relate it to you.

i started w a few passes at 28 off. i'm comfortable there and spend the lions share of my early season at this line length. shadowed the first pass (i'm just getting too old to jump right into a new course/boat/driver/etc.) then pulled the second pass. there just isn't anything behind this boat at this speed/line length. my boat is good at 28' off. really good. txi is at least that good and no doubt softer.

after i've spent the early part of the season getting the 28 off pass ironed out i start banging on the 32 off pass.

again, typically 3 sets of 6 passes at 32 off. all morning, every morning and eventually i will wear the course down and sneak in a full pass.

i'm pretty happy with my boat's wakes at 32 off. i'm even happier w the txi wakes at this line length. the response has a slight dip and the txi may not have quite as much of that dip. again, i think that wake crossing may be a little softer than my ride. pretty nice pull at 32'off and 34mph. it certainly isn't the reason that i could not make the pass behind the txi. if i don't hit the gates i'm just not going to complete that pass.

i don't run the 22 off pass except for a few weeks in in the very beginning and end of the season so i can't give a really conclusive opinion. i did run the 22 off pass this morning behind my boat to prep for a comparison. it took me a while to remember just how much the knees figure into that wake crossing. imho the txi was slightly softer or smoother or maybe i just did a better job w the knees after re-learning the line length during mornings passes behind my boat? i think that while i was in the txi i remarked that the 22' off wake may be worse than my boat. looking back i'm not sure that was fair. the passes behind the txi were my fifth set for the morning. i was running out of gas. this not being a line length that i work and back to that (lack of) memory issue, maybe i should just reserve judgement. it was fun but i guess i don't know how the two compare.

i also shadowed a 35' off pass; just to be able to say i shadowed a 35' off pass. i've never been past a couple at this line length. my plan is to work on that 32' off until it's pretty reliable then start working the 35' off pass. i've had the same plan for the last 3 years and i guess life is what happens while i'm making plans. some day when i grow up...

anyway, as uncomfortable as i am at this line length i think the txi wake is pretty nice here. i can't imagine how the big kids find enough width to run here but that's a different story.

overall i had a ball behind the txi. it's the real thing. nice towboat. temper that with the statement that i have a really good time regardless of what i'm skiing behind; almost. wish i could have been more help but i would not have been able to remember it anyway. oh, and that memory issue? i forgot to bring the bf suit/line so i can't help there, either.

again, many thanks to m&m mino for sharing.

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