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What Prop is best for 1996 Sunsetter LXi w/ 350 MAG


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In 1996 we had 3 blades, then 4 and now 5. What is the proper stock prop? Are any of the newer prop better performance, mileage or easier on the engine?

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In 1996 we had 3 blades, then 4 and now 5. What is the proper stock prop? Are any of the newer prop better performance, mileage or easier on the engine?

I think your boat had a 13 x 13 stock prop but I don't know the cup. You should check with ACME or OJ. I called ACME and they recommend a 525 for my boat, which is a year newer than yours. BTW, no LXi for 1996. That came in '99. You likely have an LX. We love ours. It's been a great boat! I'm going to get a 525 next season, so I'll report back on performance then.

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I had that same boat for quite some time, and always ran a 525, which performed fantastically for all around use, including surfing and wakeboarding with quite a bit of additional ballast. That's pretty much all we fit for our customers with that same boat, and they're thrilled with it.

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I recently replaced the stock SS CVP prop on my '98 Sunsetter (Monsoon 320) with the ACME 525. With the stock CVP prop I was only getting a WOT RPM of 4500. With the new prop WOT RPM is 4800 and gained 1-2 mph on the top end and..... the bottom end pull is very very good. This prop is very versatile and has no problems wakeboarding, slalom skiing or surfing with ballast. I think the 3 blade props are the most versatile.

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I have done quite a bit of research lately on this subject due to a prop strike and the need for a back up in case we have another DA moment in the future. We have a 2002 SSLXI with the Monsoon 320 that was sold originally with the Acme 491, 3 bladed (13x12, .050 cup). Your boat is similar in size and weight so I would think your prop is also similar We purchased the boat last Sept. so do not have a lot of experience with it's performance but it only had 102 hrs on it with 200 psi comp at ea. cyl. so I am fairly confident engine performance is not a problem. With minimal weight and passengers we have struggled to get anything higher then 4500 rpm @ WOT with top speed around 42 -43mph. Hole shot is ok unless the boat is loaded, and/or the wedge is down, or we're pulling up a wide-body.

After reviewing the many posts on this site, talking with the local Malibu dealer, the dealer located at the lake we frequent, and speaking with Acme and OJ, I decided on the Acme 525. This is a 3 bladed prop, 13dia. x 11.5pitch, .080 cup, that should better the 491 in all aspects; shot, top speed, and fuel economy.

Another quality that should improve is the boat’s ability to hold speed at a given setting. We currently do not have PP, broke the budget this year on the stereo up-grade so this is on next years plan, so speed control is important, especially when slalom skiing, which is primarily what we like to do.

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I use to have a 98' Sunsetter which we slalom ski behind and I still have the spare acme prop for it #653 3 blade (13x11.5) for sale. *see classified forum

We felt it had a good hole shot and wake for skiing, better then the stock 4 blade.

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