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Surf Wake on Drivers Side


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So we have the surf wake nailed down when surfing regular on the passenger side. Front, Center and Rear surf side tanks are full with an additional 750 in the surf side locker. Typically have 5 passengers on the surf side with one person on the back surfside hatch, 3 on the inside, surf side of the boat and 1 in the front. Speed is right around 9.6mph and wedge is 2 clicks up from fully deployed.

Now when we switch it over the drivers side we flip flop the rear tank and rear sack and move everyone over to the drivers side. Only difference is that the driver adds about 210lbs more on that side. The wake is pretty washy...I am wondering if I need to speed up????

Please share your experience with passenger and driver side surfing and the changes that go along with each side

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Ah ?? The starboard side is always better and easier to get a good wave because of the prop rotation. 9.6 is very slow. We surf at 11.8 to 12.4 depending on how long we want the pocket. I have the older hull but I have seen very nice VLX waves 2010 +

Here is our goofy side wave.


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My VTX we surf drivers side.

Mls full surf side plus 550 v drive locker surf side

Mid ship mls full

550 lb bag in the nose

Wedge from full deploy to 9 o'clock

12 mph on my cruise

Can do 360's on the wake :)

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agree with the above comments setting up the goofy side is a no brainer. It is cleaner and bigger and requires less weight to get the same results.......

I would try speeding up.

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My 03 lsv is opposite -- I get better results on the other side, which sucks since I surf goofy. That because the prop changed direction on the newer boats?

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Speeding up should clean it up considerably. Different boat but on our 23 we also run 11.8 and up with the wedge 2 clicks up from bottom and it is nice and clean like c28. :rockon:

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I find goofy better however it requires a little more speed. I am at 10.8 on my 09 VTX (10.4 regular side). This is with stock, wedge fully deployed and 750 in the locker, 400 on surf side and 400 surf side bow. With a driver and spotter it rocks however with more people it becomes very sensitive to weight and its crritical everyone is as far over on surf side as possible. I do find regular not as sensitive to the weight. Basically more speed and if there are more peeps keep them as far on surf side as possible.

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On our VTX we run at 11.4 mph, full right tank, full center, 50% front and 750 in the locker, wedge fully deployed and all extra people that can fit in the front up there, then a rope handler and 1 other person on surf side. Wave is clean with a long pocket. Like Old skool said its very sensitive a little movement of weight can really throw off the wave. We started at 10.8mph at first and wave was nice but the pocket was small and the wave was tall by speeding it up the wave is still big but the pocket is long, you can free ride all the way back and still ride back in closer. Thats what works for us! hope it helps.

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