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Boat Cover Question


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Looking to buy one of Bu members XTi cover. My question is, if its for a 2004 XTi 23'. Will it fit a 02 XTi 23'? Both me and the seller think it should but I would like to get more info before buying something might not fit.


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04 Sunsetter 23XTi 23' 100" 24" 3600 Lbs. 14 Persons 47 Gallons SV23 Diamond

04 Wakesetter 23XTi 23' 100" 24" 3700 Lbs. 14 Persons 47 Gallons V25 Wake

02 Sunsetter XTi 22'6" 97" 20" 3250 Lbs. 13 Persons 43 Gallons V25 Diamond

02 Wakesetter XTi 22'6" 97" 20" 3350 Lbs. 13 Persons 43 Gallons V25 Diamond

Looks like the beam is different. Found the info in the DIY spec section. Also would want to check tower measurements.

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Where in DIY section? Whats funny is thats what my manual says about the fuel tank (43gal) but there is no way thats right. I can fill up with right around $85, depending on type and gas price for that day.

Its cut for a swoop tower and my boat has the swoop tower. Sucks not being able to try it on to see the fit.

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Nevermind about the location in DIY, found it. Still wondering about the fit because its only a few inches shy of length and beam.

Forget beam and length for a second because the most important thing is what tower ithe cover meant to fit around!

I have the same boat as you and I just bought a cover from Only Inboards. One of their customers had a 2003 23 LSV and ordered a cover for a titan tower...only to realize they had a Skylon tower - no way it would fit, due to different mount points.

If you buy a cover that isn't exactly right for your boat, you may get lucky, but only if the towers are the same - otherwise you are screwed for sure. I'd probably just order the one for your boat because the hull length differences on the 2002 to 2004 will mess up the tower mount points more than likely.

I got the Westland cover in Sharkskin and am very pleased with it for the $.

PS - if you need a cheap cover for your 2002 XTI I will sell you my old one if you have a Titan tower for dirt cheap...

-- Mike

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Covers are the kind of thing that unless they fit right, they're not worth having...6" off in length and different beam will not work satisfactorily. Will it cover the boat, sure, but it will never fit "right" so you'll have tightening and water pooling issues constantly.

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Thanks for the tip/info. We have the same tower (swoop) but that would makes since even if we had the same as the mount points will be off. Wish I could snag that cover from you, I just need something that sits better on my boat. The one I have is just horriable, gaps everywhere and the holes for the tower are just jacked so boat is getting happered with weather.

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