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how repairable are hulls after a hard hit???

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I just heard my next door neighbor drove his older sunsetter into an underwater retaining wall on the mississippi. He was camping off the boat and watersking every day. I dont yet have a lot of details like the extent of damage. I know it was quickly pulled because it was leaking a lot of water. the prop and rudder are a mess. they were able to use rtv and duct tape to get the boat seaworthy enough to get back to the tent and camping site. They cut the trip short and will be home soon. I guess in general terms I am curious how repairable the malibu hull is??? I think the boat is a 1992 or 93 euro f3 with 600 hours and was pristine hull wise up to now. I am guessing the value of the boat to be 8500-9000 dollars. I don't know much about boat insurance, but if it was a car it would likely be totaled. In any case if the boat is fixed correctly by a good shop is the boat to be avoided or still worthy of consideration. Its a " what if " conversation until pictures are available and someone that knows how to estimate damage can have a look. I just feel awful for my neighbor as he took very very good care of the boat. The good news is that nobody was injured. The kids and adults on board are all fine.

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Most likely it is repairable.

I have seen some pretty good chunks taken out of the side of a hull and the local fibreglass repair guy has been able to fix them so you did not know.

I had a minor ding in my boat about 5 years ago from the sharp metal edge of a dock.

I cannot tell where the ding was now.

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It depends on the damage to the hull. If it doesn't effect the shape the repair should be fine. Replacing the running gear will cost in the 2+ grand range.

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The boat is back. The boat and story are less damage than I had thought. The part that hit is the rudder and prop mostly although there are many shallow scratches. In the bottom raised contours. The rudder is functioning but is bent back quite a bit. Water was coming in from the cracks in the fiberglass. Rudder.is bent up but the rudder box might be reuseable. The prop is junk. All four blades really bent over badly. Surprised they stayed attached since they are stainless. Luckily my neighbor had a spare prop n pulled on board. The gelcoat has many deep scratches but not into deep glass. The boat was running 15 with a tube being pulled. Boat not fully up on plane. The hit took out rudder n prop. There is insurance in place. The shaft turns but may be bent. No viberations noted at low speed which is all that was tried after the hit. I guess the gas tank gets pulled to fix the glass and redo the rudder box.

I am happy for my neighbor that this is more fixable than the call sounded like.

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