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Perfect pass KDW


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I feel like a moron for posting this but I'm going to anyhow. I typically love to just mess with stuff, or try something, just because. My girlfriend was working Friday nite, and I had no kids, allot of buddy's were at a class reunion, so I just decided to go to the pond and mess around ( read second sentence :biggrin: ) I decided I hadn't tried out the 537 prop since it was checked for balance, and there had been allot of talk about props lately on here, so I would do a comparison of the three we had. ( I'll post that info later as I don't have the time rite now ) I put the 537 on and loaded it down with the wedge, and the Perfect pass wouldn't hold speed well, this was with just me in the boat and is an issue we've had since getting it. I had done a little research on here and wakeworld about it and had set the KDW to 150 and never really messed with it after that. The manual said to do that for heavier boats, and that's what I had heard most people were doing. So I got to messing with it, Well I set KDW all the way down to 5 just to try it, Holly cow it was a different boat, it was so aggressive with throttle control it almost felt as thou it was skipping sometimes when adjusting the speed, it was really quick! The perfect pass never really has held speed great, varying sometimes as much as 1.5mph and more when turning. Now it was holding to .2mph maybe.5 when turning. Has anyone else noticed this? Or is mine backwards? I went and checked the web site again and I still read it as thou it should be high for more constant speed?

KDW (Throttle Pull Rate) – KDW can be changed using up or down keys. The higher

the value, the more aggressive the control. Heavy boats may need higher values. Factory

setting is about 90. Normal range is 40 – 150. (If this value is set too high, the control

may become a little erratic and engagement may not be as smooth). Some boats may

need a lower value if control is not smooth.

Like I said, I feel like a nob for not messing with it before now,( we've had it for three years now ). So is mine off from everyone else? Its Stargazer Wake.

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Different strokes for different boats. I wouldn't worry too much about it since it's working. :biggrin:

I'm not familiar with Stargazer, but if it has the nn settings that the older Wakeboard Pro had then you might try messing with those as well. IIRC, nn will smooth it out some, & there's a sweet spot that you can hit between the adjustment of KDW & nn that will make it just about perfect. Also, I've found the folks at Perfect Pass to be incredibly helpful, so you might give them a ring & get their thoughts on the issue.

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I haven't fiddled with stargazer settings either since we only use in a course and the other parameters are more important, but I second WG on calling PPass. They have the bext CS of any watersport product ever invented. They are always available, patient, and know the system very well (obviously). In fact, I just got off the phone with them, and once again, they nailed it.

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