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in need of info QUICK!


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ok guys i have a dilemma

dealer called me today and said he wants to take the vtx off our hands, we couldnt refuse that as he knew we wanted to upgrade to a 23.

we thought about the changes from 2011 to 2012. and now cant decide what to do, because chances are we will buy it and then photos will be released the next couple days after, (happened when we purchased the vtx and we were kicking ourselves in the bum for not waiting after seeing the 2009 vtx)

now here in Australia they build 2011s till December, then the first 2012 comes out in January sometime.

does anyone have any info on changes for the 23lsv for 2012? or when photos get released for 2012?

cheers nic

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I have heard that the 2012 boats get fast fill ballast, and will have the option of a keyed ignition as backup to the MTC screen. If it doesn't cut into your season too much, I think that those are good reasons to wait for the 2012. I also have read about the center surf fin but not sure about the details on that. I don't believe there are any other major changes to the hulls or gel coat schemes for 2012 but I had only asked about the VTX and VLX.

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I would seriously consider a 2011. There is a lot of talk about a drastic price increase this year. 10-15% increase in MSRPs because of increases in Vinyl, gel, and resin costs. All of which due to oil prices...... Steel is also up, which doesnt help. My dealer was telling me to expect about $10k increase on the average Bu for 2012. Scary!!

However, that should help the values of the boats we already own!!

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I've heard 3% increase in 2012.

That would be nice.... I hope that is the case. Judging by the oil futures on the chicago merchantile exchange, I would think that it would be way more than 3%. Lets keep our fingers crossed though!

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The 2012 ballast sounds like new higher flow pumps/hoses, if so they could always be upgraded.

Not to threadack, but you boat looks sharp!

I heard a price jump was coming for all manufacturers..

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This article may help the OP, but I think it comes down to when he wants the boat and price.

Malibu Making Waves with New Models and Features


For 2012 Malibu boats has brought two new models to the water. The Wakesetter 22' MSX with a Bow-centric design, rough water handling performance, bigger wake, transom seating, rear fresh air vents, completely digital design for precise construction. The Response TXi with improved hull design for greater performance in wider range of speeds and line length, new higher windshield design, new graphics. Additionally Malibu has created a new adjustable surf fin system. The system offers surfers a great wake without moving bodies in the boat, abilities to level the boat without adjusting ballast weight and assists in backing to the left. Also a new quick fill ballast system that cuts fill time in half using higher flow pumps and tubing. There will also be new interior flooring options, graphics, and redesigned board racks. Malibu strives to continually update their boat models and maintain their reputation as the most up to date inboard boats on the market, geared toward what water-sport enthusiast are searching for. Look for new models to appear sometime in September.

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Hi Guys,

I just bought a wakesetter VLX 2012 410 HP (1,5 months ago) and it seems to be almost ready for shipping to Brazil. It costs a little more than the 2011 model, something around U$ 2.200,00.

I don't know about the changes yet, but I will contact my dealer for more info.

I'll post here later....

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thanks guys! i like the idea of the back up for the mtc and a keyed ignition option! last think you want is the mtc to pack up and youre stuck out on the water not being able to start the boat

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