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Bow Ballast Help 03 VLX


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First of all, I have searched this site and have not yet found what I am looking for. I am not an engineer, and my first attempt at adding ballast in my bow proves it. I have an 03 VLX, which has now bow ballast locker. So I purchased a 650# bow ballast bag, and figured I could piggy back it with the center locker fill/drain setup. Here's what I did:

1) disconnected hose from center locker fill pump

2) ran hose from bow bag fill fitting to center locker fill pump

3) ran hose from drain fitting on bow bag to fill fitting on center locker bag

4) left the drain on the center locker bag intact

I figured that the bow bag would start filling, drain into the center locker, thus filling up both. Then when I hit the drain switch as the center locker bag drained, the bow bag would gravity drain effectively draining both.

As those of you that know what you're doing know by now I had several problems. First of all, I tested in my driveway by filling the bow bag with my hose. But that bag filled much more quickly that the center locker bag, I'm assuming because the water was being forced into the bow bag and the center locker bag was just gravity filling. Draining was the same issue. The center locker bag drained, but the bow wasn't filling it anywhere near as fast as it was being drained, causing me to have to constantly stop the pump, wait for it to fill, and then start he pump again, taking forever. Obviously this is not a workable solution.

I'm sure I could plumb separate drain and fill pumps, but I really really hate the thought of drilling into the bottom of my boat.

I'm planning to doing something similar for my two rear lockers as I've purchased 450# sacks for each of those, and putting in 3 more fill pumps and 3 more drain pumps is something I'd really like to avoid.

Is there any way I can accomplish this by using the existing pumps on my boat? If not, if I just want to use pumps that plug into the 12v adapter and fill from a hose in the water, can I use a single reversible pump and if so can anyone recommend one they've had good luck with?

I know so many of you are so much more knowledgeable about this kind of stuff. If I know what to do I should be adept enough to get it done, but obviously my first attempt shows I am missing some of the mechanical principles.


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