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pro x series 400 # for a 2010 V-Ride 23 ...... HELP ME?


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To Anyone Who Can Help,

Bought a new 2010 V-Ride 23ft last fall and couldn't be happier. During my mid week rides (wakeboarding not surfing) i am wanting more wake since its only two people going out. So, the guys at the shop said to get the v drive pro-x series 400lbs sacs to throw in the back on top of the factory ballast right next to the engine. This past weekend i went out with 6 others and filled the factory ballast, dropped the wedge and decided to get greedy and fill the new 400lb sacs. I chickened out since i read a sticker next to the engine compartment that said specifically not to use the storage locker for additional ballast........

...... I have since read the entire site and looked all throughout the internet for any info i could find about this topic. From what i have gathered, the only thing i should do is reinforce the engine divider with aluminum piping to keep the weight from compressing the engine divider. I am confused because some say it wont hurt the flooring and some say it will crush it. I know the dealer well and i don't believe they would steer my in the wrong direction but i thought i would check with anyone who could give me an unbiased opinion that wasn't selling me on a new ballast system.

Can anyone help me? Again, i've looked all around the site and havent been able to find exactly what i am looking for yet.

can i put the 400 lbs sacs on top of my factory sacs?

W/R - Dan

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You're fine filling that sac ontop of the tank. You don't need to reinforce the engine divider wall because that sac isn't big enough to push it out. Start thinking about it with the fly high 750 sac, it's almost required with the 1100 fly high sac in my experience. I've seen both blow out the engine divider wall. I tend to fill them up ALL the way though.

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:plus1: they are the perfect sac for my little 06 vRide and I didn't need to reinforce the wall.

I have 750's in mine never had a problem and do not have the divider reinforced.

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I just rode this weekend with those exact sacs filled full and a 750lb bag in the nose filled to about 400-450lbs. Wake was pretty wicked and had some serious kick! Ours is a 06 VLX so I think the same hull?

Driverside is unbraced as we don't surf on that side so the 750lb bag never goes back there. No issues at all with the 400lb I don't think its wide enough to put enough force on the panel from what I can see.

This is a great site with very helpful people and its really helped me with info/questions.

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