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Tower Speaker LED's


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So this is the new addition to the boat, I could not use Tradition speaker rings as the grills on the tower speakers would not allow for it. Used an oznium controller and ran the LED's. sorry if I move a bit in the video as I was trying to figure out the remote and film.

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so I have Skylon Rubicon tower speakers, and the way the grills sit in the can, I could not figure out a way to get traditional speaker rings to sit in the can, so this is what I came up with...

items Purchased

10m RGB 300LED strip (waterproof with cut points every 3 LEDs) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320715421096&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_1159wt_905

100ft 4 cunductor telephone wire from Radio shack $15

oznium 4 channel controller $100 http://www.oznium.com/rgb-led-remote-controller

Soldering iron $15

tube of silicon

rubber gromets


removed the speaker grill and measured out the length needed for an LED strip to fit inside the grill

cut 4 LED strips (1 per grill) then soldered 6" strips of the conducter wire to each LED strip http://s1189.photobucket.com/albums/z439/wakebrdr94/LED%20Speaker%20rings/

ran power to the controller to get the leds going to make sure everything worked

Then used silicon to glue each strip inside the speaker grill. let dry overnight.

connected the grills to the controller to make sure everything worked before moving on


Removed the speakers from the cans, and drilled a hole in each can, fitted with a rubber gromet, and fed the appropriate amount of wire through the can.

snipped out a portion of the metal portion of the speaker bracket to allow me to feed the wire behind the speaker

Then used a fish to run the wires through the tower to the starboard side of the boat, and ran those wires to under the dash.

Insalled the controller to a relay, then to the AUX spot on the MUX box, so that the AUX button on the MUX switch could control the power to the unit Drew power from the terminal under the dash

Ran RCA cable from the amp running the sub through the bow of the boat, to the line in on the controller for the music interface


connected the grills to the wire ran inside each grill

installed all speakers

screwed down the grills

I am not the handest guy in the world, so there was a lot to learn as I did this. I had never soldered before, wires got tangled in the tower, trying to get all the wires to run through the hole in the tower into the boat, etc. Knowing what I know now, it wasn't all that bad, but going into this kinda blind sucked. Had I had he proper knowledge, would not have been that bad. I'm pretty happy with the results, I would just like to see if i can get the music to sync better. it can run from a line in or microphone, you can switch between the two.

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Just thought I would bring this thread back up as I have been getting some messages asking about LEDS. Project would have been easier with a single color LED strip, then no need for the controller, but I liked the rbg's.


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Port & Starboard bow lights need to have a viewing range from right ahead to 22.5 degrees aft of the beam ( 112.5 deg ).

If you approached a boat at night, head on & displaying the normal malibu bow lights and then another set in the grill then the signial the other boat is sending out is that it is a power driven vessel with an obstruction on its port side and clear passage on its starboard side. This is opposite to normal head on passing rules where each vessel should veer to starboard ( pass on port ) . Could get very dangerous and letigious.

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This is also why I ran two separate controller's for tower and cabin lights. In case I am given a hard time, I can still run cabin while under way. As far as i'm concerned, I am much more visible at night. Not only from the rear, but the towers light up the interior as well which should make me more visible coming head to head. I haven't had a problem yet, but then again I have yet to see anyone with this setup where I go. Usually at the bar or dock when they are running. One cop said they looked cool, but didn't mention legality.

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Great tips - on my list of to-do's too - many thanks for sharing !

BTW, for the speakers can't you wire each individual spkr LED strip directly to the spkr terminal for best music synch? i think that's the trick the car tuners use.

Also, I plan to run my new LEDs on a separate circuit & keep factory cabin wiring as is - will use the colored LEDs when docked vs running to avoid nightime nav issues.

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