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Help with Barefoot International boom


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I have a barefoot international boom on my 2007 response lx. My uncle set it up for me when I got it a year ago and it worked great. Now he came back up for the 4th and told me it was too low. Now he moved it lower on the pilon and it left black marks where it was. I went to use it today and when I put the boom on the bracket seemed to have a little play in it and the cables weren't tight. I tried to tighten the bolts but they are tight. Used it anyway and it worked fine but I want expert info to get this 100% correct. How high should the mount be from the floor? How do I know if it's accurately set up? Also the same thing with my high pole. He tightened the cables so when the clamp is tightened it pulls the pilon forward a noticeable distance. Help please!! Thanks in advance

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The general rule of thumb using a boom is to have it should level when skiing on it, so that your arms/leader/etc are pulling straight ahead. Now, in the last few years you'll find that many barefooters have gone to the extremes of raising it to the moon and adding long leaders to allow for extreme tricks and such, but unless you are at that level there is really no need to go there.

When up in skiing position you don't want the boom pulling downwards on you or the leader, forcing you towards the water. So, shoulder height or a just a touch higher is good. (When up and running)


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Okay sounds good. Thanks! We originally had it set up so the boom mount was sitting just below the piece for the high pole but now it's down about 2 inches. I just got off the phone with barefoot international and they said it sounds like it's set up correct. Now where the clamp was there are black marks on the pilon. Is there anything I could use to remove those to make it look good again?? Thanks

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The position on the pylon will differ in each model boat, due to the gunnel height, so you really can't go with any measurement there, unless it's in relation to the boom position over the water when running. Many times the clamp will be too high for an extended pylon and need to be dropped for skylon use.


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Now where the clamp was there are black marks on the pilon. Is there anything I could use to remove those to make it look good again?? Thanks

Just use some 2000 grit sand paper around the pylon. It look like new.

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