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Trailer Repair in Seattle Area

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Well I made my first stupid boat error for the month of July this morning. My trailer is now very close friends with 3 mail boxes :) In 13 years of towing boats, never have I felt quite so stupid... next time I will drink my morning coffee before leaving the house. Thank goodness the boat wasn't on the trailer and the damage was just cosmetic, well to the trailer anyways, the mailbox isn't doing so well!

Anyways, I have a fender flare that needs some repair or maybe a replacement on my Ryan tandem axle trailer. Anyone know of a place that can do this in the greater Seattle area? Any recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks-

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Still haven't found anyone who wants to do it. The guy Bakes recommended, Gary Estes, said they can't do paint work. Two body shops in my area, hemmed and hawed about it. I emailed Ryan Trailers to see if I could order an all new fender... I'm sure anyone could weld it on and paint it.... Might end up turning it into insurance if it gets to be too expensive though.

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If your fender is crunched at all I doubt that you'll find a shop that is willing to fix it without a fender replacement. On a ryan trailer it's grind the weld out, remove fender, prep area, weld new fender on, grind weld, bondo and sand, then primer and paint. Long process.

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I have used these guys in the past. They have done lots of odds-and-ends custom work so they may take on your project. Ask for Dave (he'll probably be the one that answers the phone anyhow).

Klassic Auto Refinishing

1514 128th Pl NE

(between 14th Pl & 15th Pl)

Bellevue, WA 98005

(425) four five four - 2 8 5 0

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Buy a new Fender.

It will be cheaper.

This has not happened to me.

But it did happen to one of my crew.

This guy is very close to his wallet.

After some research he ordered a new fender.

He had time to wait for the fender as we have 3 boats in rotation.

Edit: You may consider raising both fenders in anticipation of going to a larger load Range E, D, or C tire while you are at it.

You don't have to replace the tires now, but you find you want to in the future.

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Got a hold of Ryan Trailers and they got me in touch with AutoWheel, a company in Portland. A new fender was only $70 shipped up to Seattle. Keep my fingers crossed that it's the correct part, and hopefully paint, body work, and welding won't be too spendy. In case anyone is ever in the same spot, here is the contact information:


They also recommended www.sixrobblees.com, but they didn't have the correct fender for my trailer.

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