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Horrible Feeling


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We were out on the water this morning when something happened that I hope nobody else has to endure...at 19 MPH the boat hit a submerged rock about a foot underwater. Luckily, nobody was hurt. The boat, however, needs some attention. Prop and rudder are toast with some fiberglass damage as well.This stuff is replaceable but the wedge is what I'm concerned about. The wedge was fully deployed but there is no visible damage and the wedge went to the stow position fine. I obviously have not been able to test it going down and staying deployed at speed. During my inspection of the wedge I noticed that there was about an inch of play in the wedge going up and down. Is this normal? Perhaps was it that the motor wasn't on to power the hydraulic system and that causes it to be a little soft? Thanks and watch out for those rocks! Frustrated.gifSad.gif

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That sucks! I think hitting underwater objects is just about every boat owners worst fear. Hopefully you will get your boat back quickly and better then ever.

I just got word today that some family friends had an emergency while houseboating down at Shasta last week. They had to get someone to the hospital and were cruising to the dock in the dark when came to an abrupt stop on a gravel bar. Haven't heard anymore details :(

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Mine isn't seeming so bad after reading that but I hope everything is ok. Anyone that can answer my wedge question?

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Yes some play in the wedge is normal in the stowed position, an inch seems about what mine has too. If the actors are fine Nd no visible issues with the wedge I would say you got off free. You could always check the operation of it on the trailer if you wanted too.

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similiar exeperiece minus the damages yesterday.....going at idle speed thru 13ft of clean clear water in a danger area, 500ft from shore, new to the Lake in Oklahoma, 1st time out on this lake.... right side of the boat lifts up, we slide over and wobble back steady....holy crap.....ok I still have steering....I steer around and head back out the exact way I came in.... i leave the area, throttle up, no vibrations...no issues to anything, not even a mark....from what I gather, I must have just slipped over the top of a submerged stump or log, It must have been smooth and slimy as it didnt even leave a mark underneath.... but yes I know that horrible feeling I was sick when it happened...its at 50hrs and managed to keep the boat flawless so far...

good luck amd hope you are back on the water soonest!

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If I go to a lake I don't know I Goggle it and can often find contour maps of the lake. It may keep you out of bad areas!

I am use to checking charts from our sailing days on the Great Lakes. you could be in two to three hundred feet of water and find on small rock spier less then a foot under the water.

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