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NL4 GPS Upgrade Wire Routing Lesson Learned

Tao of Wake

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This spring, I installed the Nautic Laugic NL4 GPS upgrade, and then I noticed later that weekend a constant repeating sound from my tower speakers. I thought that I was getting alternator noise, but I didn't last year (first year with new amp and tower speakers). After a lot of diagnosing, I found that the cause was that I routed the black wire for the GPS right next to the PAC-LC1 that I installed to control the volume of the tower speakers. As soon as I moved the cable away from any speaker wiring - including the RCA cable to the amp - the noise went away.

I just thought I would share so that anyone else installing this upgrade will avoid routing the cable anywhere near any stereo cabling (speaker and RCA cables).

On a side note, I have really enjoyed the NL4 upgrade. I have found that speed control is much more accurate and responsive.

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  • 1 year later...

I have the same boat, and i just ordered the NL4. Any install tips or advice you can give me on the installation process? ;)

My paddle has been acting up lately, so I figured why not upgrade instead of replacing! :woot:

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Find the connector under your dash for the paddlewheel/temp gauge. It will be the same type of connector that comes on the NL4. Unplug that and then plug the connector from the NL4 into the correct end (can't get it wrong). Then find a good place to mount the control box. I can't remember where I zip tied it. Then route the cable that goes to the GPS puck to wherever you want to place it. I placed mine on the inside of the starboard windshield about even with the steering wheel down as far as I could to the vinyl. I routed the cable along the bottom of the windshield to the spot where there is a break in the vinyl right behind the driver's seat. It then wraps under the side panel to run up to the control box under the dash. Just be sure not to route that cable near to your stereo cables!

I just noticed you have a VTX, not a VLX, so it may be slightly different than mine.

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Glad you have had good results, my experience was horrible. Glad I am back on the paddle wheel. Nauti logic did refund my full purchase which I was pleased about.

Same here, must not work well on the 2011

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Maybe I got a bad unit, there was no difference between the paddle wheel and gps. I would loose signal at times and the speed control would totally release and speed the boat up. I sent it back and they said it tested fine. I even relocated it in the boat in a couple different locations.

I have had good results with the paddle, holds speed well, even when surfing with extra weight. Guess it was not meant to be for my '11.

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