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Malibu Boat Show Incentives


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Anyone know what the freebees are for boat show purchases? Or where I can find out?

Looked on the official site to no avail.

Also, I’m trying to keep cost down and thinking about buying a vRide. This will be my first inboard and already scoured the great “Brand New Boat Buyer, What you need for your inboard purchase” topic. I’m a beginning wakeboarder, I’ve slalomed for years, but want something new. My kids tube, for now, but in a couple years… Biggrin.gif and I would like to try wakesurfing. Surfing.gif

What are the must have options?

Is the Wedge worth it? Going to get the Rear Ballast Sys.

SS rub rail?

Heaters, 2 or 3 vents, and/or driver’s seat (It does get cold here in Northern California)?

Hot water shower (sounds cool, I mean hot ROFL.gif , but does anyone use it often)?

What is a “Bow lifting eye“?

What is the cost of the CFT Blade tower w/bimini, over the Illusion X w/bimini?

Pull up cleats sound like useful items.

Depth finder sounds like a must.

And LCR 320 seems like it will work fine.

vRide says it can hold 10 people, but realistically, how many adults can be comfy in the boat all day?

Well, that’s it for my first post. I'm heading to the dealer in the next couple of days, and any help will be greatly appreciated.

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V-ride will do 10 with kids. I'll have to say 9 adults can fit

Don't bother w/ the Blade, stick with the illusion

320 is fine

3outlet heat is not much more (like $50)

Def. get the wedge in some way shape or form

I am a true believer in SS Rubrails

Hot showers are great until they plug

A Bow Lifting Eye will mount behind the front NAV light, makes the boat easy to raise by a chainfall, if you don't need to lift your boat often, not needed

oh, BTW welcome to your new addiction

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For your first one, buy a Cherry Pre-Owned and save THOUSANDS. Your Dealer could probably turn you on to a Sweet one. But, there is something to be said for picking out your own custom colors ect. With a little time, you might be surprised what you could find with the help of your Malibu Crew Brothers here on this site.

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I believe boat show gets you a couple thousand off the dealer's regular price. But then you may be able to negotiate to that price at other times in the year.

12 months ago, I was where you are today. I looked for used, made offers on two or three, some out of state, but couldn't settle on a price. I got half-way into the summer and couldn't hold off any longer... the local dealer that I had met at the boat show had just gotten a VLX in colors and options that I really liked. The second half of the summer was better than the first.

If time were no object, and you have the energy to look for used, you will definitely get more value... If it were me and I had the time, I would buy a used '05 VLX before I would buy a new V-ride. That's not to say anything against the V-ride, I just like the size and finish of the VLX.

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What is the upcharge for a Monsoon over the LCR? I have never owned a boat and said "man I wish I hadn't gotten the extra horse power". Plus think resale. I bought my boat used and I didn't consider buying a boat with less than the Monsoon.

Oh, by the way, WELCOME! If you go used or new you can't go wrong. These are AWESOME boats!!!

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Get the Monsoon,I don't the upcharge cost but I don't think it's too much more.

For sure the heater, I use it often.3 outlet.

Front and rear cleats.

Get the Wedge and all the factory ballast you can get.

I've only used my shower a handful of times but it's nice to have.

Depth finder for sure. It's a very important gauge on some lakes.

I fit 6 adults comfortably in the main seating area of my VLX/V-ride 8 isn't

too bad but it's getting cozy.

Perfect pass is a must for me.

I also like the Titan III tower.

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What is the upcharge for a Monsoon over the LCR?

Oh, by the way, WELCOME!  If you go used or new you can't go wrong.  These are AWESOME boats!!!

$885 MSRP

Welcome to the site Berner !

Malibu doesn't have factory rebates for the boat show. Smeagol pretty much said it already. You will get a good deal at the show, the whole idea is to sell boats. If you are planning on ordering a boat, it usually a 6-8 week process so keep that in mind. Good luck, and welcome!

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Welcome to the site. Excellent choice ona Bu. I am sure you would be happy with any Bu you choose. With that being said, I would have to agree with Smeagol and sugget maybe looking into a 05 VLX over the V-ride. I feel you just get more for your money.

If you decide to go with a new V-ride, I would suggest getting:

upgrade to the Monson engine. You will eventually load it up with ballast and people, and while the LCR would be OK, the monsoon would be much better, IMO. I load my VLX up with quite a bit of ballast, and somedays a bunch of people. Sometimes just a little strain to where I wish I had a Hammerhead. Not often, but sometimes. Just feel that the Monsoon would be a better choice. You will probably never have a need for more.

Hot water shower - yes! I use mine often. Comes in handy to warm up after a cold ride. Sometimes we share wetsuits. Nice to warm up the cold/wet suit before putting it on.

Pop-up cleats - yes

3 outlet heater - Oh yea! You will be glad you did.

Lifting ring - yep

Wedge - absolutely. You will hear different opinions on this, but at least if you have it, you can use it when you like, as opposed to wishing you had gotten it. You will probably use it occasionally. I do!

Ballast - Get all the ballast you can. Especially in the bow. You will eventually want to add more, so get the stock tanks when you order. You will be glad you did.

Just trying to save you from saying "wish I would have ordered that in the begining".

Have a blast. Plenty of great help here with the "crew". Let us know what you decide on. After all, you are soon to be family!!

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I agree with most that say buy a used one. Especially if it's your first. You can save 10K on a 1 or 2 year old boat. Average is +/- 100 hrs/yr. (YMMV...) You can find 2 yr old boats that were kept in a garages with less than 300 hrs.

A v-ride is basically a stripped down VLX with the old (pre'05) hull and interior. It is designed to lure the on-the-fence buyer into a new boat. Add on all the "options" that most of us are going to say "you'll be kicking yourself if..." and you are most likely within 5K of a new VLX......

My advice: try Flipsell.com, Boattrader.com, Wakesiderides.com classifieds, this site's classifieds, and any other classified ads yo can find.

As far as boat show pricing goes: I was working a deal on an '04 (in late '03) and had a pretty good deal going till the boat show opened. I called the salesman and asked if the show would have an effect on my deal. It did. Options I was ordering were being reduced or thrown in (heater, shower, etc...), the base price was being reduced (only very little) AND I got a $2000 gift card for use in the dealership which paid for my custom cover and bimini among others. When it was all said & done I had dropped close to $4500 incl the card IIRC.


Good luck! Dont be shy, ask all the questions you can (here and @ the dealer).

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Also, think about adding a second heater unit mounted under the passenger dash.

The standard heater installation takes care of the driver, but leaves the passengers holding onto a snorkel streached from the driver's side of the walk thru.

A second heater unit will give your passengers 2 or 3 snorkles all to themselves, and they will come out from under the passenger seat.

I have done this on my last 2 RLXi's and would never consider anything else. Oh yea, you can use the 2 outlet heater for the driver, it packs plenty of BTUs.

My buddy has a SLXi, and he also put one under the back seat for those in the rear.

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