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2000 escape restoration progress pics


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Hey guys here is my malibu that I have been restoring its actually starting to look like a boat now so I figured I would post some before and after pics











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Awesome job its definately coming together. :thumbup: So whats the story? how long have you been putting it together?Nice work way to save one :clap:

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Boat was last registered in 06 on the east coast and I am assuming was involved in some kind of accident that took the tower and windshield out while it was repoed and brought to az where a car mechanic tried to get it up and running and never figured out the impeller needs to be changed and he overheated the motor and did a head job on it twice and it kept overheating wonder why he then pulled the motor and left the boat to sit out on the az sun for 2yrs with the motor scattered in the back yard. Thats when I got it about 1yr ago I have been doing research since I got it but really started working on it about 2 moths ago. So far I have the engine put back together and running we took it out to the lake. The windshield in it and the interior redone note most of the pieces that ware not bolted down ware gone and I had to make them. I will be working on the stereo and trailer but thats about all I will have time for between running an AC business in phx az and having a new baby and trying to take the boat out there is no time for anything else. This is my 3'd full restoration of a boat and I hope I get to keep this one for longer than a few weeks after its done. The last two I did people offered me $$$ I could not refuse so I just kept upgrading but now with the baby im tired of doing them and just want a boat i can enjoy. Here are some pics of the last one



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Rew thank you for the kind words I only hope that my boating/ boat restoring addiction does not get the best of me. When we took it out last Thursday I just loved the boat so much, in the way that it rides, handles and how smooth everything is.

Apwrx Not only do I get to save one which feels awesome but i get to safe some $$$. The way I look at it if I want a brand new boat I can build one like I did or I can or spend about 75k for the same thing. So far the way you see the boat I have spent less than 10k on it and I have all the stereo equipment. My only other major expense is the tower and ballast which will come later. The thing I like is that i have not spent a dime one interest to finance it I HATE LOANS and if i compare similar boats they go in the 20k $ range and they have the origianl interior which I would have to replace in a year or two and the original motor which I would have to replace in a year or two.

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Nice work! Interesting story on how you come across these boats and upgrade. I'm working on a restoration myself and have really been enjoying the process. Do you have any tips on how you find these boats in need of restoration? I'm wondering if I might want to do another one once I've completed this one and I'm wondering if theres a better source for boats that need engines/restoration/etc. My current boat I just lucked out and found on Craigslist with a cracked block.

Sounds like you're a busy guy, but you're doing a great job with your boats, and I hope you get the time to enjoy your new one!

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Most of the boats have been found on CL it just takes alot of time looking my wife says im obsessed with looking for and at boats. My next project after i finish the malibu came from me noticing a the boat sit around for a while so I just knocked on the door and asked the guy if he will take cash for it today so I got me a 30ft cabin cruiser wife was not happy about it but we need to have a boat with air conditioning for the baby.

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Beautiful job on the restoration.

I did a similar thing to my 93 Sunseter and like you hate loans. Great to see someone else bringing back a left for dead Bu.

Way to go!

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You did a hell of a job with the restoration and afforded yourself a sweet ride as a result.

We (CFO and I) also hate loans. That's why we looked hard for a used boat that was well maintained that will allow us many years of enjoyment without years of paying for it.

Congratulations. Enjoy it.

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