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Ski Locker Water Ingress

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I constantly have water in my ski locker, the drain plug is mounted on the aft bulkhead and my issue is I cant figure out where it is coming from. I do know that the vents on the bow will dump into the locker but I sure cant figure out what else. Today I completely dried the locker and installed the plug, went to the lake and skied for 4-5 hours and it had a good deal of water in it. With the plug installed it eliminates engine hose or other leaks especially since that area is dry. It wont drain unless the bow is up pretty good. Has anyone else experienced this or is this a known issue (I heard it was). I have been told there is a drain on the floor also but this particular boat does not have any other drains aside from the one mounted on the bulkhead. If anyone has any suggestions on a fix I would appreciate it...

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I have the same problem, and from what I've read many, many times on this site, there is no fix.

Thanks JP,

I had been told verbally it has been doing this since the first locker installs. Seems like the drain would be straight down and maybe it would get alot more water out. Its not the fact its gets wet, its the amount of water that gets stuck in there... I dont even use the locker for skis because everything in the locker would be soaked, so for me its useless space. I have just began to run with the plug out all the time so the remaining trapped water is usually a gallon or less. It would be a nice storage spot on days we visit a public lake or have new skiers and need some combos...

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I had some success with resealing the bow hook and also sealing underneath the rubrail from the bow to the windshield. These boats sit low to the water and the bow hook is usually underwater when idling. The rubrail can take a lot of high pressure spray especially in tight turns at high speed. One last culprit is dependent upon where you keep the ski rope. I have mine coiled up with a rope tender attached to the pylon and water from the rope would leak down into the area. I am also a closed bow which eliminated other possible culprits.

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