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98 Sunsetter will not idle

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Ok, looking for some help please. I have been searching through the old posts and can not find info that helps, so I am going to ask...

To start, I have already changed my fuel filter and I am going to check my fuel pump pressure today (the pump primes everything just fine)

The boat started running rough (with some back fires through the throttle body) while my wife was driving (I was out of town on business of course), so by her description, I thought bad fuel filter and it was about time to change it anyway, so I replaced it and put the boat in the water. As soon as i started it up, it idled a little fast and then started to run very rough and sputter and cough through the throttle body and eventually die. It might have ran for 5 minutes. I continued to try and start the motor and each time (for a series of about 5 starts) it would run rougher and for shorter periods of time and on the last start, it ran for 30 seconds max and then coughed pretty hard with smoke coming up through the throttle body. I never tried to get the motor above idle or move the throttle during these rough starts.

It has 10 gallons of fresh gas in it and ran just fine all year until now (starting boating April 1).

My guesses are:

It needs new plugs, wires, cap?

It needs a new fuel pump?

Some posts have mentioned a second fuel filter near the fuel tank (I am going to search for that today as well)?

Some other electrical problem (ignition coil)?

Some other fuel problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I was away on business for 3 weeks and I am in desperate need to run the course...thanks!

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You definitely want to start w/replacing the other fuel filter. I assume you only changed the one mounted right to the motor? I also assume your boat has two.

Here's a recent thread. This isn't the same boat as yours but, I think the location of the filter is about the same.

Oh wait, here's a better thread with good description and pics. Check out the last pic. in post #6. There she is.

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Sounds like you could be due for a tune up. Both fuel filters, cap, rotor, plugs and wires.

Fuel Filters are Napa 3033 and Napa 3483

Distributor and Cap are Napa RR 250 and Napa RR 249

Plus are NGK 3623 BPR6EFS and need to be gapped to .045

Wires are 8mm - I would suggest ordering them from Bakes Marine or Ski Dim

See how it runs after the tune up.

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I agree on the above, especially cap and rotor, but also suspect the engine water temperature sensor. Mine went goofy and was telling the egine it was at -20F when if act it was not. Did reall weird thing to runnability, some similar to yours.

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Ok, so I found the second fuel filter and replace that today, but when I turn the key, no fuel comes out of the fuel pump (and this is after I have replaced the fuel filter). So this has led me to believe the fuel pump is bad...am I missing something? Is there a special way to prime the fuel pump after the lines have been drained to replace the fuel filters? I plan on ordering a new pump tomorrow because the dealer is closed today and the auto parts store does not have anything like the pump in my boat...

If that doesn't fix it, then I am going to go for the tune up (still digging through my old receipts to figure out when the last time I tuned her up).

I forgot to mention, after I changed both fuel filters, I put it on the fake-a-lake and it wouldn't start at all, turned over real nice and was getting good spark, so my guess was it was not getting any fuel. When I pressed the presta (I am cyclist, so is it the presta or shrader valve, I always forget) valve at the end of the manifold, only a little air came out and zero fuel. All the fuel lines look fine. I am definitely not an expert, but if this doesn't work, probably just going to take it in and let the pros handle it, but that always takes too long and way too much money...

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Make sure that your kill switch is active. If it is original the plastic can fatigue. Turn your key to the run position and toggle that kill switch.

Also, just spend the 50 bucks and buy a fuel pressure gauge.

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Sounds like a bad fuel pump but, that's an expensive over-the-internet guess.

One quick way to tell if the boat won't start due to a lack of fuel is to spray a little carb cleaner into the throttle while cranking, if she fires right up for a few secs., you know you've got everything but fuel.

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When you first turn the key one click you should hear the pump prime. First time out they say to do that a few times. If its a high pitched whine pump might be bad. Raise your engine cover and listen for it. The whine is pretty obvious.

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The screen was pretty dirty on the bottom of the pump. I am thinking about cleaning that, putting it back on, and then turning the key several times to get the pump primed. There has not been a high pitched whine. I found a pump online for $250, so I figure if that doesn't work, I will get the new pump, thanks for all the advice!

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If you end up buying a pump, read this first.

Awesome, thank you so much. Ordered the part from Napa today. Pump costs $162from Napa vice $320 from the dealer. Should be skiing by the weekend!

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Having trouble locating fuel pump at Napa. P60962 is no longer availible Any body know the current part number for the Indmar 556014 fuel pump?

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Having trouble locating fuel pump at Napa. P60962 is no longer availible Any body know the current part number for the Indmar 556014 fuel pump?

I don't think NAPA has a pump anymore (for the monsoon), my local NAPA didn't in 2012 or yesterday. Edited by Bozboat
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