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Water entering ski locker -- from side

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I'm getting water in my ski locker and looked for the plug between the bilge and ski locker and don't have one. So today I filled the bilge with a few inches of water and saw streams of water coming through the fiberglass. Is this bad? I haven't run anything over and the fins are on solidly. Please give me your advice as I'm going to the lake this week and don't want to sink my boat.

Here are some pictures to see what I'm talking about.



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I'm totally guessing but it seems that you have some water working it's way up the stringers to the side walls of the ski locker and then, seeping through the fiberglass. The seepage through the fiberglass is troubling to me but, I wouldn't call that a "big leak" and, it certainly wouldn't keep me off the water.

Again, I've never seen that.

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I guess I dont understand. The ski locker is always wet, the bilge is always wet, so does it matter if the water flows back and forth or seeps back and forth?

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Thanks for all the help. I just think that it is weird that the water started seeping in this year. Hopefully this doesn't get worse. What really sucks is that my boat doesn't have the drain to the bilge so once the water gets in there it's stuck.

Can someone tell me where the drain to the bilge is on the boats that have them. Maybe I'll put one in mine

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Can someone tell me where the drain to the bilge is on the boats that have them. Maybe I'll put one in mine

I don't know if your model boat has this but, while looking straight down at the back of the ski locker area there is a fiberglass wall that is vertical. At the base of that wall is a small, simple, plastic threaded plug.

Example of drain plug.


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So, you must have some sort of wall since you said once the water enters the ski locker, it's stuck there.

I would put in the drain.

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Yeah the hull on mine is lower about a foot forward of the back wall so maybe that's why they didn't put a drain in. I guess even if that compartment filled up with water it couldn't sink the boat. I just hate when the water stands in that area.

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