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247 Surf Setup


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Memorial Weekned was a blast! Got lot of time out on the water to work the surf setup.

This is where we found the best results, we surf only goofy on my boat....

Factory Ballast: 1050 or so..

front full

center full

right rear full

3/4 tank of gas

Fat Sacs:

750 under seat surf side 80% full

1100 rear locker 80% full.

1100 on top of the seats rear surf side 80% full.

using only 1 tsumani pump it takes 20+ mins to fill the 3 sacs...

Speed 11.4 to 12ish..

Wedge just short of the down locked position..couple taps back up from the down lock..

Very very hard lean on the surf side...very unstable but managaeable...huge rollers, you gotta comepletly stop and wait for them to pass, takes forever to turn the boat. With the 6.0 Liter, the boat runs around 48mph unsac'd...likely I will prop this down for more low end torque. but it handles this weight just fine.







Everyone knows about the Wheelhouse setup. This one is the Lake Anna Sandbar setup and I have the patent. Terrible thing is, 2 mins after taking this pic like 3 or 4 more girls jumped on and I f'n lost the pics. You know what they say... pics or it didnt happen. If anyone can beat this post up!!! :rockon:


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last few months looking at other folks photos, I always wondered how the hell they got their rubrails below the water line on their surf side....seemed like that was crazy lean and heavy as at regular rest my rubrail is like 18" above water line.

thats nothing... at rest with this setup I outlined above.. the rubrail IS the waterline while at rest, and underway, the rear chrome Malibu decals are underwater, the screen there in there in the rear corner becomes the waterline. Good thing we surf goofy or that gas relief air vailve on port would become a water inlet as folks talk about for sure. At rest, the swim platform is 18" or so underwater on surf side, and right at the water level on non surf side. Underway, the surf side swim platform drags some in the water but is doesn affect the wave at all. I would estimate the lean is a true 30-40 deg lean into the surf side...water patrol jet ski's raced across the lake as they thought we were sinking :rockon:

Another observation, seems a full tank of gas fights against you to level the boat back out...1/2 tank is best as it all stays on the surf side of the tank.

Those rear screens.... are they just for decoration? Any issues with water draining into the hull thru or issues with water and the rear screeens?

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