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Elete trailer brakes problems replace or go with out.

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I've got the Elete double axel trailer. Since I've had the boat I have had nothing but problems with the break system. After bleeding the system again it is leaking from inside the hub and after looking at the the whole assembly it needs to be replaced on both sides also the reverse lock out is broken so a new actuator as well. So I am looking at a pretty significant repair for the trailer. Since they haven't been working any way and the actuator assembly keeps slamming into our suburban each time I stop and go since it doesn't have any pressure I am thinking about just removing the breaking system all togther and just replacing it with new hubs and a new swing away hitch. Does anyone have a sunsetter lxi without the breaking system? I've owned multiple inboards and some of the trailers have had the breaking system and some have not. Would I be making a mistake by switching to a none breaking trailer? I haul it with a full sized suburban so it's not like I'm stopping it with a small vehicle. Any advice would help.


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I just drove 800 miles with no brakes on the trailer pulling an 05 wakesetter with a full size chev silverado.Iam definately fixing the braking system its fine until you have to slam on the brakes then its a little scary.I'd fix them personally its good insurance you'll stop in an emergency.

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You can do it

Going to have more stress on the tow rig

Here in Washington its required to have trailer brakes over 4000 lbs I believe

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I know when I have to stop quick I love the fact that my trailer brakes work well. Makes the stopping distance with the boat not my more than the truck alone.

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You need brakes on that trailer, especially since you probably drive Hwy 160 south...a 60mph two lane road with no turn lane. Lots of cars that stop traffic to make a left turn.

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First off YES fix the brakes the right way.

1 Most state laws require trailers over XXXX size to have them.

2 With out them you will be having extra maintenance bills for the braking system on the tow vehicle.

3 It's scary in an emergency stop and you start to see the trailer passing you up.

4 Your family will be in the vehicle.

5 If you are involved in an accident (your fault or not) and they find out you removed the braking system. Then you are toast.

Depending on the yr and size of the trailer you had, in the past may be why some of them had brakes and others didn't. Some trailer companies will install brakes even if not required. Some only require one set of axles to have brakes but you can upgrade so both axle do.

Ca vehicle Code 26302

(a) Every trailer or semitrailer, manufactured and first

registered after January 1, 1940, and having a gross weight of 6,000

pounds or more and which is operated at a speed of 20 miles per hour

or over shall be equipped with brakes.

(b) Every trailer or semitrailer manufactured and first registered

after January 1, 1966, and having a gross weight of 3,000 pounds or

more shall be equipped with brakes on at least two wheels.

© Every trailer or semitrailer manufactured after January 1,

1982, and equipped with air brakes shall be equipped with brakes on

all wheels.

(d) Brakes required on trailers or semitrailers shall be adequate,

supplemental to the brakes on the towing vehicle, to enable the

combination of vehicles to comply with the stopping distance

requirements of Section 26454.

(e) The provisions of this section shall not apply to any vehicle

being used to support the boom or mast attached to a mobile crane or


26304 Breakaway Brakes

(a) Power brakes on any trailer or semitrailer manufactured

after December 31, 1955, operated over public highways and required

to be equipped with brakes shall be designed to be automatically

applied upon breakaway from the towing vehicle and shall be capable

of stopping and holding such vehicle stationary for not less than 15


(b) Every new truck or truck tractor manufactured after December

31, 1955, operated over public highways and used in towing a vehicle

shall be equipped with service brakes capable of stopping the truck

or truck tractor in the event of breakaway of the towed vehicle.

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If you have drum brakes this might be a good time to consider converting the trailer to disc brakes.

I'm going to go ahead and replace the whole system, perhaps it will be less of a headache this way. Also looks like the sell the complete setup with "free backing" so you don't have to get out and lock out the brake.

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