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New owner (2004 25' Sunscape) looking for advice (perfect pass, ballast, racks)


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I've been searching through the forums. Almost too much info and my timeline for decissions is tight.

I reached an agreement on a 2004 Malibu Sunscape 25' LSV and will take possession on Monday. However, I'd like to get some of the accessories installed and work done prior to having it delivered.

Currently the boat has the original Illusion tower and wedge. I've been surfing the past few years in SoCal and just moved back onto a lake in the midwest. All of this is new, so I'm trying to learn quickly and looking for recommendations.

The tower doesn't have racks (I'll wakeboard and surf), ballast, or perfectpass.

Here's what my dealer is recommending. The prices are installed and seem a bit high, but the options are what I asked for (not tied to the brands he recommended)... Suggestions?

Also, I'll be putting this on a lift. I'm a bit concerned about taking the allen bolts in and out. Has anyone modified the rack with pins or bolts that can be worked without a tool or drill?


Menace Vinyl dipped (black) spinner Rack - $625– per side : Leaning toward this option since I'm putting it on a lift and am worried about the boat fitting with the racks extended. What are the other options that are out there for the older Illusion?

Wake Board pro system – $1700 : Don't want to do this myself (don't have time)

1 - 550lb sacks in ski storage (center) - $625 per bag installed with all parts included

2 - 750lb sacks in rear - $650 per bag installed : planning to get two, one on each side in the rear

Any comments are appreciated. Two days to get this figured out.

Thank you,


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Sounds like I need to go into business working on wakeboats. I installed Perfect Pass WB pro on my boat tonight from used parts I have pieced together. Total cost has been about $500. Took me about 4 hours and I fixed a few other little things while I was under the dash.

Are you mechanically inclined at all? The Perfect Pass instructions are pretty easy to follow and the toughest part is routing the wires....OK drilling the hole in the hull hurts at first. LOL.gif

You could also install the ballast yourself without too much headache, but if you want it before Monday I would suggest busting out the checkbook.

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BOAT Bust Out Another Thousand.

OK now that that is out of the way. Dealer installs will be expensive but if you want it by Monday....see above. You are going to need some weight up front to ballance out the 750's in the lockers. Most that surf on here also put sacks either under the seats or on the seats on the surf side in the main cabin area as well as in the bow area.

Good luck and have fun,

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I appreciate the input. To clarify one point, I don't need PerfectPass (or any of the work) done by Monday. I just need to decide what to include in the purchase price.

I realize there is quite a bit of DIY on PP and may hold off on getting it installed.

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You're gonna want the PP. If you dont have the time to work on it then have them do it. I like to do those things myself but sometimes in a time crunch(summer is here now) it's nice to have someone else do the work. If you have the cash you wont regret spending it on any of these things.

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Thanks for the advice on pp. I'll do some digging on price.

Any other suggestions on racks to add to the Illusion tower?

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Perfect pass is a pretty simple instal. If you have the time AND you enjoy that sort of thing, you can DIY. If not, pay up.

You can pay to have the sacs installed too BUT, you say this is on a 25 LSV. Those things are pretty hard to sink for a surf wave. I would research, research and research some more to try to find anyone that surfs that hull and use their experience to get yours right the first time. I've not seen very many members surfing that boat. So I would really suggest trying to get a member close to you that can bring some sacs on your boat to see what your possibilities are. There are many ways to weight a boat, there are only a couple that will make a great surf wake. There is not any future in having someone experiment on your ballast system at $110/hour until they get it right. If they say they know how to weight it, let them take you out with the sacs in the places where they say they need to be and check out the wave. We have been surfing for 10+ years. I see so many people that add a crazy amount of weight to their boats and not know that they can get the same wave or even a better wave with less weight if they would place the weight correctly.

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Great advice Ronnie.

OP, do you have any sacs you could take out on the boat and play with weight placement. It would certainly be worth it to borrow or buy a few and a fly high pump to throw over the side of the boat until you figure out where you want the weight. After you know what works, then it;s time to plumb it in permanently.

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Great advice. I'm pretty sure I can borrow a few bags from the dealer to do some testing.

Ill check around on the site for anyone else surfing this boat.

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Are you buying the boat specifically for surfing or do you frequent a big lake that gets real rough? The 25' isn't really like any of the other v-drives.

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I found a thread about surfing the 25. Sounds like the one member had good luck with his boat. Might be worth shooting him a PM to get some details on position and amount of ballast. Does the 25 your buying come with factory ballast?


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I just sent him a PM. Thanks for the link.

The boat doesn't have a factory ballast. I plan on having the dealer install a new system, but will test placement before having the work done. Generally, it sounds (based on other links) that I'll need a lot of weight. Hopefully the member that I messaged will have some initial guidance.

Any other thoughts on racks for the Illusion X?

Thanks for the help. It's all a bit overwhelming right now, but I'm excited to get going.

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I saw one of those on the lake for the first time ever today, I had to do a double take and make sure it was really a Malibu! That thing is a tank and looks to have a high freeboard which may make weighting it properly for surfing difficult, as others have said, borrow or buy some cheap sacs (Ebay-Aerial). Congrats, it looks like an awesome boat!!!

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